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Subway is Offering a Vegan Patty in Canada at Select Locations!

Posted on December 09, 2011 by The VRG Blog Editor
Subway sign advertising vegan patty

You may be familiar with Subway’s “Veggie Max” veggie patty, which has been available in many locations for several years. The new “Totally-Vegged” veggie patty is 100% vegan and it even looks different with a more rounded shape and “meatier” texture.

If you live in Canada, please call or stop by your local Subway restaurant to find out if they offer it. If they do, be sure to thank them and also let us know the address — and if they don’t have it yet, politely ask them to start dishing out this delicious vegan patty! If you decide to order it we would love to hear your feedback. Please email, call (410) 366-8343, or write to PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203

Here is a list of know Subway restaurants in Canada offering the “Totally Vegged” vegan patty:

  • AB: 2500 University Ave., NW in Calgary – 403-220-1571
  • BC: 4744 Lakelse Ave. in Terrace – 250-635-1994
  • BC: 2323 Boundary Rd. in Vancouver – 604-205-5060
  • BC: 2640 Arbutus St. in Vancouver – 604-737-7421
  • BC: 200 Burrard St. in Vancouver – 604-662-3962
  • BC: 3790 Canada Way in Vancouver – 604-433-4742
  • BC: 4108 Fraser St. in Vancouver – 604-874-9885
  • BC: 5931 Hastings St, in Vancouver -604-299-0449
  • BC: 1256 Lynn Valley Rd. in Vancouver – 604-986-7825
  • BC: 7645 Royal Oak Ave. in Vancouver 604-430-4441
  • BC: 333 Seymour Blvd in Vancouver – 604-904-9923
  • BC: 6402 Victoria Dr. in Vancouver – 604-301-1895
  • BC: 700 W. 6th Ave. in Vancouver – 604-879-7824
  • BC: 433 W. Broadway in Vancouver – 604-569-3961 
  • BC: 1895 Willingdon Ave. in Vancouver – 604-299-7838
  • BC: 4000 Whistler Way #202 in Whistler 604-932-3244
  • ON: 7706 Kennedy Rd. in Markham – 905-940-8987
  • ON: 34 Church St. in Toronto – 416-368-1997
  • ON: 232 Danforth Ave. in Toronto – 416-469-2000
  • ON: 259 King St. E in Toronto – 416-368-7782
  • ON: 727 Queen St. E in Toronto – 647-435-8673
  • ON: 1506 Yonge St. in Toronto – 416-967-7770
  • ON: 136 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto – 416-934-0007

Visit and call Subway at 203-877-4281 to add your voice to the thousands of others who are urging the company to add hearty vegan options to all of its menus. 

For more information about vegan and vegetarian options at fast food and quick service chains, see our Fast Food Information page.

2 to “Subway is Offering a Vegan Patty in Canada at Select Locations!”

  1. Cam Iverson says:

    All the SUBWAY locations in BC and Alberta are now carrying the Veggie Patty. To keep it Vegan you need to order on the White or Wheat breads only. I work with SUBWAY’s ad agency and did the research to make sure the product could be offered to those following a Vegan diet regimen.

  2. David says:

    The USA should get the vegan patty in their subways too! It’s not fair! When will Subway in the USA get the vegan patty? :(…

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