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Subway® Canada Offering Vegan Falafel at Select Locations in Western Provinces

Posted on February 29, 2012 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Jeanne Yacoubou, MS
VRG Research Director

Subway® Canada is offering a vegan falafel patty as a market option at Subway® Canada stores. An employee at a Subway® Canada western regional office told us in February 2012 that currently "approximately fifteen stores in the lower mainland region of British Columbia and some restaurants in Alberta" opt to carry it. She was not sure how many Alberta restaurants were offering it, nor was there a list of locations readily available.

The Subway employee told The VRG that the patty "has no dairy or meat…it is all-vegetable…it contains chick peas, water, and spices." We also received the same ingredient information from an employee at the company which manufactures the falafel patty for Subway® Canada. She told us that "the falafel is being sold in over 1,000 Subway® locations in Canada." (There are approximately 2,700 Subway® restaurants in Canada as of February 2012.) At this time, it is uncertain whether the falafel patty will become a national menu item or remain a market option.

According to the Subway® employee with whom we spoke, the falafel "is warmed in a microwave and is not in contact with any meat products." As with all of Subway’s® menu items, patrons choose their preferred bread, condiments, and vegetable garnishes with the falafel patty. Ingredient lists for Subway® Canada’s standard menu items are found on its website:

For Subway® patrons around the world who would like to see their local Subway® offer falafel, the VRG recommends that you contact Subway® at 203-877-4281 and visit them at to voice your opinion.

To read The VRG’s report on falafel at Subway® USA, readers may see:

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  1. Mj says:

    Looking at their whole-grain breads, they are filled with additives and honey. So, although it sounds like they have a vegan offering, it’s just junk food. So sad, because I would have been excited to try it. But sodium steoryl-2-lactylate doesn’t sound healthy to me. I prefer foods that are not over-processed. I’m glad Subways is making an attempt, even though it seems half-hearted.

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