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Yankee Stadium is Now Offering Vegan Frankfurters and Burgers

Posted on April 23, 2015 by The VRG Blog Editor

We received the following good news from Veggie Happy:

At last, the YANKEES!

It’s been a long haul, but at long last, we’re very happy to share that New York’s Yankee Stadium will begin offering vegan frankfurters and burgers effective THIS coming Friday, April 24th!

Logistics are still being finalized, so we don’t have specific stand locations to share today, but keep an eye on the MLB Venue Vegetarian Guide listings for updated information, not just for Yankee Stadium, but for all MLB stadiums. We are continually updating concession menus and are awaiting 2015 listings from several more stadiums at this time.

Remember to use the Guide as a resource for contacting the stadiums yourself, too. (We have an NFL Guide and other venue links, as well.) We never tire of beating the drum of advocacy and empowerment. The more fans that chime in directly, supporting and celebrating vegan options, the stronger those menu options become and the greater likelihood they’ll remain on the menu.

We’ll update the Yankees listing with stand locations as soon as we have them. If you don’t see those yet, but are attending a game, be sure to ask about them. If regular concessions workers aren’t aware of these items being offered yet, or where, ask them to page the concession manager for you or to direct you to fan relations/guest services representative. We also invite you to post photos with your vegan menu items to our Facebook page. 🙂

Play ball!

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