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Responses to a Request for Veggie Dining Options in Iceland

Posted on October 15, 2015 by The VRG Blog Editor


Back in September, someone asked if anyone had experience finding veggie food in Iceland. Below are two responses we received.

Vegan eating in Iceland: I was there in fall of 2012. I ate at a very good vegetarian restaurant in Reykjavik – am 99% sure it was this one: Options around the country are definitely limited. I packed a lot of food with me (crackers, peanut butter, nuts/seeds, and dehydrated soups) and we cooked for ourselves every night except for when we were in Reykjavik. We picked up most groceries in Reykjavik because that’s the best selection – in small towns, there tends to be like one small chain food store with limited options – vegetable selection tended to be poor. But we could always find some kind of bean, pasta, etc. Hope that helps! – Heather

I only spent thirty sleepless hours there this summer but I did not starve.
Try with a veggie filter. – Georg

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