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Are you looking for a new vegan handbag or wallet? Mechaly is offering a discount!

Posted on February 10, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


Mechaly is all about design, fashion, the environment, social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, authenticity and, of course, being a voice for animals. The mission is to take animals out of the equation. Since 2014, Mechaly has been committed to using cruelty-free materials in its handbags, wallets, and more. Sample products include vegan leather backpacks, a weekender bag, tote bags, clutch bags, wallets, etc. The items come in several different colors and sizes and are vegan certified by and PETA.

If you’re wondering what the name “Mechaly” means. To the founders, Mechaly represents their Legacy; it is their Culture, Heritage, Family, and Tradition. Mechaly is the maiden name of their mothers. They have vivid childhood memories of their grandfather, Henry Mechaly, and the principles he instilled in them. As children, they would often visit their grandfathers’ farm where he taught them to respect all living beings! He taught them that life is precious and to cherish good health and each day that is given to us on this earth. Grandpa pushed them to pursue their dreams. The Mechaly brand commemorates the confidence and determination their grandfather instilled in them. Mechaly is also dedicated to all grandparents who believe in their grandchildren unconditionally.

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