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Posted on July 12, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


Raven wrote in response to this previous Vegetarian Resource Group blog/Faceook posting:

I had a great experience at Universal Orlando with vegan food. Better than Disney, which I didn’t expect. Disney was still good. But I found everyone at Universal going above and beyond to accommodate me. It was so sweet and appreciated. Amazing staff!

Hard Rock Cafe made me a veggie fajita and the manager answered all of my questions, she let me know the fries were fried with the meat. At the 3 broomsticks in Hogsmeade I was able to get a completely vegan meal and everyone was very nice about helping to accommodate me. The pumpkin juice at each cart is veggie (if you eat sugar). Moes has burritos that are vegan, they have tofu and veggies. This location doesn’t offer the free chips and salsa like other Moe’s locations. Check their website for all the ingredients list and their FAQ uses the term “vegan” so the company gets it.

I went to one of the Irish restaurants (Finnegan’s maybe?) with my family and I couldn’t eat anything on the menu, so the chef came out and offered to make me a salad with potatoes (cooked in oil) served with oil and vinegar dressing (which I really enjoy, but others may find bland). Mythos restaurant made me a vegan risotto that was delicious! Probably my favorite meal. My hotel was very sparse. At Cabana Bay I only ate salads with oil and vinegar (I think?). Because we had a car I also went to a grocery store and bought non-perishable snacks, so I had some fruit and a protein bar every morning. There may have been more; I just can’t remember though. I know we went to Buba Gump (which if I was with other vegans I would normally just avoid cause duh! fish is in everything) and they tried very hard to find vegan food. I think they offered a salad with veggies, and I passed and ate at Moe’s again instead. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I imagined it would be. I went in August of 2015.

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