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Being Vegan in Cairo, Egypt

Posted on December 19, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


The latest issue of Vegetarian Journal features an article by former Vegetarian Resource Group intern Yasmin Radbod on her experiences as a vegan in Cairo, Egypt for two seasons. She also shares recipes for Ful and Taamiya (both are fava bean dishes). Yasmin states:

For both of these recipes, it is your choice to buy dried fava beans (with or without skin) or canned beans. I prefer to use dry beans. For ful, I use beans with the skin because I like the texture of the skin; I don’t like my ful very creamy. For taamiya, however, it is easier to use dried beans with the skin already peeled because the skin is too tough for blending all the ingredients together.

Also, for both recipes, use your own discretion on the spices and herbs — follow your taste buds. Maybe cook a small amount first to see if you like the flavor, and then cook a larger amount when you know what flavor you prefer the most. For example, I love lots of garlic, fresh parsley, and lots of coriander in my taamiya. For some people, the flavor is too strong, so vary your spices according to the tastes of those for whom you’re cooking.

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