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Public Alert: Some Dream® Desserts Recalled

Posted on April 06, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

Public Alert – Dream® Plant-Based, Chocolate-Coated Frozen Desserts for Milk Allergen
From Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; Constituent Update
Dream® brand, manufacturer of Almond Dream®, Rice Dream® and Coconut Dream® frozen dessert products, is publicly reinforcing to its consumers that the Dream® plant-based, chocolate-coated frozen desserts listed below have been found to contain milk. Some consumers have reported experiencing allergic reactions to milk after consuming these products.

These products are not being recalled and are safe for non-allergic consumers to eat.
The products subject to this notification include:

Product UPC Product Description
84253-28426 Almond Dream Vanilla Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ
84253-28427 Almond Dream Chocolate Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ
84253-29462 Almond Dream Peppermint Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ
84253-29464 Almond Dream Pumpkin Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ
84253-28428 Almond Dream Vanilla Dessert Bars 9.9 FL OZ
84253-33000 Rice Dream Vanilla Dessert Bars 3.2 FL OZ
84253-44460 Rice Dream Vanilla Nutty Dessert Bars 3.4 FL OZ
84253-44470 Rice Dream Chocolate Nutty Dessert Bars 3.4 FL OZ
84253-45504 Rice Dream Vanilla Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ
84253-44450 Rice Dream Mocha Dessert Pies 3.7 FL OZ
84253-44420 Rice Dream Chocolate Dessert Pies 3.7 FL OZ
84253-44430 Rice Dream Mint Dessert Pies 3.7 FL OZ
84253-44400 Rice Dream Vanilla Dessert Pies 3.7 FL OZ
84253-28557 Coconut Dream Dessert Bites 6.6 FL OZ

For consumer inquiries or concerns, please contact the Dream® brand Consumer Care center at 1-888-301-7497. Consumer Care hours are Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 7 PM EDT.

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