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Posted on April 26, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


From Patti Breitman

Even Vegans Die, co-authored with Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina, and with a foreword by Dr. Michael Greger, is a compassionate and practical guide for all vegans – and anyone who has a health routine that they think will help them never get sick.

Even Vegans Die empowers vegans, runners, yoga enthusiasts and their loved ones to make the best decisions regarding their own health, their advocacy, and their legacy. By addressing issues of disease shaming and body shaming, it presents a manifesto for building a more compassionate, diverse, and effective community.

The book celebrates the benefits of a plant-based diet while acknowledging that even vegans can get sick. You will learn how to make the health care decisions that are right for you, how to ensure your efforts to help animals and the planet will not end after you die, and how to provide compassionate care for yourself and for others in the face of serious illness.

This book offers practical, thoughtful, and sensitive advice on creating a will, mourning, receiving care and care giving. Without shying away from the reality of death, this book offers a message that remains uplifting and hopeful for all animal advocates, and all those who care about them.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who encouraged me as I was creating this book with my two brilliant co-authors, and for everyone who will be buying a copy soon. I am confident that you will learn something new or at least feel supported and better equipped to face illness, aging, loss, and grief – and advocacy for what matters most to you.

I hope you will want to order a copy today You can buy the Kindle version now ($5.99) or order the paperback ($14) . See:

You can also buy the book from the publisher, Lantern Books:

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