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The Water Footprint of a Vegan Burrito versus a Meat Burrito

Posted on June 02, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


Have you ever wondered how much water is used to make a vegan burrito versus a meat-based burrito? Figuring out the answer to this question is not as easy as you might think. VRG Research Director Jeanne Yacoubou, MS, spent a lot of time investigating this topic and shares her findings in the recent issue of Vegetarian Journal.

The article can be read here:
Burrito on My Plate: The Water Footprint of a Vegan Versus a Meat Burrito

And here is a one page infographic comparing how much water is needed to produce a Vegan Burrito without Tofu, a Vegan Burrito with Tofu, and a Beef Burrito:

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