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Learn about the Wonderful Work a Vegan Dietitian is Doing!

Posted on June 05, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


Each issue of Vegetarian Journal has a column called Vegetarian Action. Here we feature individuals that have been promoting veganism in many different ways. The latest issue of Vegetarian Journal takes a look at the terrific work Vesanto Melina has been doing for decades.

VRG Intern Casey Brown interviewed Vesanto and states, “Among the many professions Melina has held throughout her life, she has found time to co-author 10 books, including Becoming Vegan, Cooking Vegan, and Becoming Raw. She has worked with co-author and Registered Dietitian Brenda Davis for the past 23 years. Their books are widely available in numerous languages, and both the comprehensive and express editions of Becoming Vegan have been recognized for multiple awards. These books are essential to health professionals and everyone else hoping to learn more about nutrition on a plant-based diet. While they have received strong support and recognition for these books, they have also faced opposition. Following the release of their first book, Becoming Vegetarian in 1994, a 45-page booklet was written in opposition to their publication. Luckily, they were able to counter this booklet and as a result, they ended up with even better book sales! Davis and Melina currently teach courses on vegan nutrition, which are available in California and online.”

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