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Honor Dad by Giving Him a Vegan Cookbook!

Posted on June 07, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

Do you love your dad and want to make sure he stays healthy? If so, why not consider giving him a vegan cookbook for Father’s Day. The Vegetarian Resource Group Book Catalog offers several books that your father might enjoy:

Grills Gone Vegan

This book gives instructions for both outdoor and indoor grills. Apartment dwellers now can enjoy grilled vegan cuisine, too! Chapter 1 offers helpful information for those that are new to grilling. The last chapter of the book includes recipes for marinades and other condiments.

Next, dive into all the wonderful recipes. Starters include Roasted Garlic, Cajun Mushrooms, Stuffed Jalapeño Chiles, and Grilled Baby Artichokes. You can prepare side dishes including Mexican Slaw, Ethiopian Bean Skillet, or Asian Sesame Noodles. Be sure to move on to Soups and Sandwiches including Roasted Corn Chowder and Teriyaki Portobello Burgers. Some main dishes offered are Red-Eye Tofu Steaks, Seitan Ribz, Quinoa-Stuffed Poblanos, Broccoli and Cheeze Calzones, and Porcini and Sausage Paella. Finally, don’t forget to prepare dessert over a grill. Enjoy Maple-Glazed Grapefruit or Pineapple and Pomegranate Couscous Cakes.

Teff Love

Perhaps your dad likes trying new dishes. Vegan Ethiopian food is delicious and now your father can use Teff Love to prepare this cuisine at home. First, you’ll find a recipe to make injera (Ethiopan bread). For breakfast you can prepare Ye’shimbra Duket Kita (Savory Chickpea-Flour Pancakes) or Ye’beqolo Genfo (Creamy, Cheesy Corn Grits with a Spicy Seasoned-Oil Drizzle). Another chapter features spicy red sauces and stews including Ye’Atakilt Wot (Potatoes, Carrots, and Cauliflower in a Spicy Sauce), Ye’misser Wot (Red Lentils in a Spicy Sauce). If you don’t like spicy food, one chapter highlights mild sauces and stews including Ye’Ater Kik Alicha (Split Peas in a Mild Sauce) and Ye’atakilt Alicha (Stewed Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots in a Mild Sauce). The section on cooked vegetables and casseroles offers Ye’Abesha Gomen (Tender Stewed Collard Greens) and Ye’Zelbo Gomen Be’Karot (Tender Kale with Carrots, Onion, and Mild Spices). You’ll also find cold dishes including Ye’Kaysir Atakilt (A Salad of Tender Roasted Beets and Fresh Herbs in a Citrus Dressing) and Azifa (Tangy Lentil Salad). Finally, a section on beverages and sweets includes Telba (A Roasted-Flaxseed Shake) and Mocha Teff Brownies.

Vegan Brunch

Perhaps your father likes preparing brunch on weekends. Inside you’ll discover more than 176 inspired recipes for seasonal favorites, along with beautiful color photographs, including:

• Banana Flapjacks
• Classic Broccoli Quiche
• Puttanesca Scramble
• Cherry Sage Sausages
• Gingerbread Waffles with Carmelized Figs
• Biscuits and Smoked Almond Gravy
• Lemon Cashew Crepes
• East Coast Coffee Cake
• Tomato Rosemary Scones
• Bakery-Style Berry Muffins

The VRG Book Catalog offers many other creative vegan cookbooks. To order a gift for your dad, visit:
VRG Book Catalog

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