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Sunny, Dreamy Chocolate: Amy’s Brand Chocolate Bars

Posted on June 27, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

Sunny 1-Bar
by Shannon Borgoyn, VRG volunteer

I love chocolate, so I was excited to review Amy’s brand chocolate bars: Amy’s Dreamy and Amy’s Sunny.

According to its wrapper, Amy’s Dreamy candy bar is a filling of “chocolate creamy nougat covered with dark chocolate.” Upon biting into it, I experienced a pleasantly sweet dark chocolate shell. Following the dark chocolate shell, the chocolate creamy nougat met my tongue, it was chocolatey and creamy, but I also noted it had a slightly sticky consistency (vaguely similar to caramel). The nougat was slightly sweeter than the dark chocolate outer shell and was scrumptious. One Amy’s Dreamy candy bar is 150 calories; a serving is one bar.

Amy’s Sunny candy bar is labeled as “coconut & roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate.” When I bit into the Sunny bar, I closed my eyes and savored the dark chocolate outer shell. After the dark chocolate said goodbye, the coconut greeted me: “Hi, hello,” it said, “I’m here. My name is Coconut and I’ll be your flavor today.” Compared to the Dreamy bar, the Sunny bar’s coconut filling was subtly sweet; roasted almond bits were interspersed throughout the coconut. One Amy’s Sunny candy bar is 170 calories; a serving is one bar.

Amy’s candy bars were delicious and sweet. They are so reminiscent of mainstream candy that I felt like I was eating my favorite candies. Most notably, Amy’s labels these candy bars as “vegan”: there is no dairy or eggs listed in the ingredients for both bars. If you are looking for a sweet alternative to your favorite candies, I strongly suggest Amy’s Sunny and Dreamy candy bars.

For more information, check out these links:
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