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Posted on July 06, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor


For many years, The Vegetarian Resource Group has created materials specifically geared towards teens written by young veggie activists (many of whom have volunteered or interned with VRG). Our online teen section can be found here:

You’ll find an FAQ section that answers a wide range of questions teens might have including:

-How do I start a vegan/vegetarian club at my school?
-What are some Vegan Snacks for Athletes?
-I am thinking of joining 4-H. I am vegan. What kinds of activities could I do?
-I’ll be looking at colleges this spring. How do I find a veg-friendly college?
-My family doesn’t have much money. I’d like to be vegan but I’ve heard it’s expensive to buy all the special food you need. Is this true?
– How Do You Respond To People Unfamiliar With or Opposed To Your Dietary Lifestyle?
– How Can I Start a School or Community Garden?
– What should I serve to non-vegans when I am hosting a party as a vegan/vegetarian?
– Why don’t vegans use leather, silk, or wool?
– I’m going to a banquet for the soccer team and I’m the only vegetarian on the team. How do I let the caterer know that I’ll need something different to eat?

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