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My Once in a Lifetime Experience as an Intern for The Vegetarian Resource Group

Posted on August 23, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

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By Davin Cheyenne

I had no idea what to expect this summer when I applied to be a summer intern for The Vegetarian Resource Group. I knew very little about the intricate details involved in supporting the vegan movement on such a wide scale. However, I have met so many fascinating and hardworking people, people who work day in and day out fighting for things most people have no idea are happening. Two of these people are my bosses. The impact these two have and continue to make for the vegan movement is beyond incredible, and their guidance has allowed me to exceed further with this internship. I was given many projects to complete, and one of them was to interview an influential person in the vegan community.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Naijha Wright-Brown, the co-owner of vegan soul restaurant Land of Kush in Baltimore City. It was taking part in this that allowed me to see the beauty in being an intern for this non-profit such as allowing me the ability to network and meet so many amazing people who are just as passionate concerning veganism as I am. While interviewing Naijha I was able to tour the restaurant, try the incredible food, and write an article about my experience that many will read in a future issue of Vegetarian Journal.

Writing this piece was part of another component of my internship, along with writing restaurant reviews for The Vegetarian Resource Group website. It was through writing articles that I could see my writing skills improving. I just want you to know that for anyone who wants to have work in any field with some degree of writing, grammar is super important. However, it was with writing these articles that I was happiest. I was able to write about topics that touched my heart, and knew it would be touching others as well. I was able to increase the amount of depth with each new piece I wrote and for once I felt as though I was a part of something big.

I had a lot of experiences with visiting other locations and volunteering, which was my favorite part of this internship. Networking allowed me to connect with Marvin, who at the age of 90 and vegetarian most of his life, still kept his 23-acres of land and all the wild animals that live there protected from poachers. It was here that I saw him feed deer dried corn, learn the importance milkweed has on the environment, and find out about the passage of butterflies from his farm to Mexico. He explained how the vegan movement is bigger than any one person and that by simply putting the needs of others above your own you gain so much back. This way of life he talks about I have found to be true.

I was able to volunteer at The Vegetarian Resource Booth at Waverly Farmer’s Market in Baltimore, where I met a lot of amazing residents from the community who expressed some of their experiences with veganism. These conversations allowed me to connect personally with people from all walks of life and make lifelong connections. I even friended some visitors on Facebook. Finally, I visited TuTTies Place, a non-profit community-based group foster care model, which works with young men amid the environment in which they currently live. Every summer TuTTies place opens a camp for all children ages 5-18 to have a safe and fun place to come to every day. It was while visiting from The Vegetarian Resource Group that I was able to teach children about veganism. However, what I found was the lesson was mutual. I had explored so much about the importance of family, education, and the impact children have to the world that I left feeling more whole than I came.

As my experience as an intern comes to a close I am writing product reviews about vegan products that I really enjoy, along with traveling to nearby vegan restaurants to write about my experience. I can honestly say that having the experience as an intern here at The Vegetarian Resource Group has filled my summer with amazing opportunities, lifelong connections, and an extensive amount of skills I will be able to use for my future. I would like to thank every single person who is a part of The Vegetarian Resource Group for this once in a lifetime experience.

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