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Posted on October 31, 2017 by The VRG Blog Editor

Acsah Melgares stated, “Hello, my name is Acsah and I’ve been a vegetarian almost 2 years now. My switch to vegetarianism came as a surprise for everyone around me because I grew up in a culture where meat is served at every party. Although that may throw people off, I think that vegetarianism does not exclude any group. Anyone can be a vegetarian, so long as they want to. I decided to switch over to a vegetarian diet because of my love for animals. As a child, I would always point out animal cruelty-in the circus, food, etc. Along with not wanting to support animal cruelty, I decided to become a vegetarian because of my health. Many diseases, like high blood pressure, run in my family, so I want to prevent it while saving the animals. I don’t see a difference between torturing a dog and torturing a chicken–they are both god’s wonderful creation. Therefore, I want to look out for animals that “belong” to the meat industry in hopes that one day, I can make a difference. I hope that my video has shown a brief explanation to why I am a vegetarian. I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoyed watching! Thank you for your time.”


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