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Please Give a Gift Membership to Family and Friends this Holiday Season!

Posted on December 20, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


Through December 31, 2016, you can give a gift membership in the USA only to The Vegetarian Resource Group (includes a 1-year subscription to Vegetarian Journal) for $15 each (40% discount). This is a terrific way to share the vegan message, as well as support VRG.

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Being Vegan in Cairo, Egypt

Posted on December 19, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


The latest issue of Vegetarian Journal features an article by former Vegetarian Resource Group intern Yasmin Radbod on her experiences as a vegan in Cairo, Egypt for two seasons. She also shares recipes for Ful and Taamiya (both are fava bean dishes). Yasmin states:

For both of these recipes, it is your choice to buy dried fava beans (with or without skin) or canned beans. I prefer to use dry beans. For ful, I use beans with the skin because I like the texture of the skin; I don’t like my ful very creamy. For taamiya, however, it is easier to use dried beans with the skin already peeled because the skin is too tough for blending all the ingredients together.

Also, for both recipes, use your own discretion on the spices and herbs — follow your taste buds. Maybe cook a small amount first to see if you like the flavor, and then cook a larger amount when you know what flavor you prefer the most. For example, I love lots of garlic, fresh parsley, and lots of coriander in my taamiya. For some people, the flavor is too strong, so vary your spices according to the tastes of those for whom you’re cooking.

The entire article can be found here:

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Posted on December 19, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


This review of research by Dr. Mark Messina, PhD covers topics on soy and health including cardiovascular disease, bone health, kidney function, breast cancer, prostate cancer, mental health, thyroid function, and more. This article cites more than 400 scientific sources.


Consider Giving a Friend or Family Member a Vegan Cookbook from The Vegetarian Resource Group Book Catalog This Holiday Season!

Posted on December 16, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor

Whether your friend or family member is vegan or perhaps just interested in adding more vegan cuisine to their diet, consider purchasing a book from the VRG online book catalog. The Vegetarian Resource Group Book Catalog offers a wide range of vegan books including:

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Gluten-Free Tips and Tricks for Vegans
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The 4-Ingredient Vegan
The Almond Milk Cookbook
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The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book

And so many more….

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Visit to order books online and support VRG’s outreach at the same time!

New Restaurants Have Been Added to The Vegetarian Resource Group’s Online Guide to Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in the USA and Canada

Posted on December 15, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


The Vegetarian Resource Group maintains an online Guide to Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in the USA and Canada. Below are some recent additions. The entire guide can be found here:

To support the updating of this online restaurant guide, please donate at:

Bye and Bye
1011 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211
Tired of being able to order little else than a beverage at a bar? Bye and Bye’s food menu is fully vegan, so you can unwind while enjoying great food. Try the Chili Pie with Tofutti sour cream, non-dairy cheese, and nutritional yeast. The Meatball Sub comes with veggie meatballs and oat cheese. Other offerings include the Cornmeal Tempeh Sandwich, BBQ Brussel Bowl with tofu, and the Southwest Bowl with collard greens, brown rice, red beans, nutritional yeast tofu, and chipotle ranch sauce. For a small appetizer, order hummus and chips, chips and salsa, edamame, or pretzel knots.

11 S. State St.
Lake Oswego, OR
Located in the 365 Whole Foods Market, Canteen’s menu mainly consists of fresh juices and smoothies. The Maca and Friends smoothie is made with almond butter, banana, dates, vanilla, almond milk, and maca. You can add plant protein and other fruits to your smoothie. Feeling under the weather? The hot Flu Slayer contains Echinacea, elderberry, ginger, and garlic. The food menu features four items: oatmeal, an almond berry bowl, an acai bowl, and a walnut taco salad.

2816 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97214
With a rustic feel and a delicious menu, Canteen is the perfect stop for any meal. Breakfast is served until noon and includes oatmeal with goji berries and cocoa nibs, a cashew cream parfait, and a sunrise bowl filled with blended fruits. The lunch and dinner menu features bowls, salads, and sides. The Walnut Taco Salad has cashew cheese spread, avocado curry sauce, and walnut taco crumbles. The Southern Bowl has BBQ soy curls, cashew ranch, and collard greens. The dessert option is a selection of rotating cheesecakes, which are usually raw. Looking for something lighter? Choose a fresh smoothie or juice from the drink menu.

Cool Beans
2908 Fruth St.
Austin, TX 78705
Cool Beans offers specialty vegan tacos all served on homemade spelt flour tortillas. The Warrior Taco is made with quinoa ‘Q-Rizo’ chorizo, potatoes, and verde sauce. The Native Taco is made with garbanzo tempeh marinated in Al Pastor sauce and is topped with seared pineapple. Cool Beans also offers tamales, nachos, Mexican beans and rice, and a rotating selection of soups.

El Palote Panaderia
2537 S. Buckner Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75227
Mexican bakery, El Palote Panaderia offers traditional breads and pastries plus a vegan menu featuring classics like tacos and flautas. Soy-based taco meat is marinated in a dark red chili sauce. The tortillas are homemade and always fresh. Try a sopa or guarache, corn cakes topped with marinated soy meat, lettuce, tomato, and dairy-free sour cream. Finish off with a dessert like a pumpkin empanada, cookie topped with chocolate “cream cheese,” or pan dulce sweet roll filled with “cream cheese” and strawberry jam.

Nature’s Plate
10233 E. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 432
Dallas, TX 75238
With a menu that changes weekly and the option to pre-order meals a week ahead of time, Nature’s Plate has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Not only is all food vegan, it’s also organic, non-GMO, made with whole grains, and low fat. Many items are also gluten-free. Breakfast items include wraps, oatmeal, muffins, and scrambles. For lunch or dinner try a warm soup like tortilla or butternut squash or splurge with veggie mac. Sandwiches, salads, and bowls are also available. Stop in for one meal or pre-order your meals for the week. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to get a wholesome, healthy, tasty meal every time!

925 NW Davis St.
Portland, OR 97209
Located inside Yoga Pearl, Prasad partners with local businesses to bring customers fresh, delicious vegan food. B-Line bikes organic produce to Prasad daily so they can cook up delicious offerings like the Durango Salad made with yam “rice,” avocado ranch, and a mix of colorful vegetables. For a hot dish, try the Dragon Bowl with sea vegetables, cabbage-apple kimichi, hemp and sesame seeds or the Chipotle Black Bean Chili, which is topped with jalapeno cashew cheese and green chili sauce. Don’t forget about breakfast! Prasad offers a Vanilla Coconut Waffle, temph-based scrambles, and classics like granola and oatmeal. Hot drinks include Red Velvet Cocoa, Coconut Cider, and the Tumeric Toddy. The menu also features fresh juices and smoothies. As an added bonus, the menu is 100 percent gluten-free!

Prasad East
21 NE 12th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232
Located inside the Portland Rock Gym, Prasad East has a small but diverse menu filled with breakfast items, salads, soups, burritos, and bowls. Try the Yogi Bowl with red lentil dahl, steamed greens, and tomato chutney or the Bliss Salad with currants, roasted beets, and candied pumpkin. Popular hot beverages include Coconut Cider made with fresh apple and ginger juice and the Moondrop Mocha sweetened with cocoa and agave. Prasad East also has a kids menu with a small selection of smoothies, juices, and entrees, including gluten-free Mac & Cheese, Ants on a Log, and a Burrito Junior.

Pure Love Smoothie Bar
399 John St.
Burlington, ON L7R 2K3 Canada
Choose from one of six fresh smoothies or one of two granola-topped smoothie bowls. The Pure Chocolate Love smoothie will satisfy your dessert cravings with cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa nibs! The Energy Blast smoothie is filled with goodness, including coconut water, spinach, kale, ginger, flax, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. For an extra dollar or two add in items like Vega Protein, Maca, and Goji berries.

Puree Artisan Juice Bar
2905 District Ave.
Fairfax, VA 22031
Puree Artisan Juice Bar uses organic and locally-sourced ingredients for their fresh juices. The Grab & Go fridge has some plain juices, but the blended ones are all made to order with fresh-pressed juice. Almond milk is the base for all the creamy smoothies. Sit at a small table or at the bar and watch the action in Puree’s bright and modern atmosphere.

Ripe Bakery
770 St Clair Ave. West
Toronto, ON M6C 1B5 Canada
Ripe Bakery specializes in pies, cake pops, donuts, macaroons, and tarts. There is a wide selection of “holiday” themed baked goods as well. Ripe Bakery accepts advanced orders and does catering. Cash only.

Sorelle and Co.
Saks Food Hall, Lower Level
176 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M5C 2L7 Canada
1050 Rutherford Rd.
Vaughan, ON L6A 1S2 Canada
Satisfy every craving at Sorelle and Co. Choose from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads, and other sweet treats. Enjoy a latte or cappuccino with your dessert. Tiramisu Verrine is infused with cocoa powder and topped with coconut cream cheese, and the Chocolate Crispy Bar is sweetened with agave and topped with shredded coconut. Other menu items include protein balls, scones, brownies, and doughnuts. There’s also a list of soups, sandwiches, and Paninis if you believe in saving dessert for last. Puddings, pestos, and soups are available for purchase from the pantry, and cakes can be custom ordered.

Taco Party
711 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144
Taco Party’s menu fits its name as the menu features a variety of meatless tacos, including the Siracha BBQ Jackfruit Taco, Sweet Potato Taco, Chorizo Seitan Taco, Chimichurri Tempeh Taco, and Crispy Fried Tofu Taco. For about $10, you can pick two tacos and a regular side, which includes either tortilla chips, Mexican brown rice, pinto dip, or smoky black beans. The menu has three non-taco items: a Mexican salad with edamame and pepitas, Nachos with cashew cream and Siracha, and Cheese Tortas filled with either a grilled chorizo cutlet or fried tofu.

Wiz Kid
Whole Foods
2001 Pennsylvania Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Wiz Kid offers a vegan Philly-cheese-steak, a tempeh sandwich, and an edamame salad. They are located inside Whole Foods.

Fillings, Frostings, and Other Decorative Delights for Your Vegan Cakes

Posted on December 15, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


Are you looking for tips on how to decorate vegan cakes this holiday season? If so, we have you covered. In the latest issue of Vegetarian Journal, Laura McGuiness step by step shows you how to make vegan fillings, frostings, and other decorative items. Vegan recipes include Cream Cheese Frosting, Royal Icing, Custard Filling, Basic Buttercream, Strawberry Filling, and Lemon Buttercream. Start baking today!

The complete article can be read here:

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Scott Nash: Founder and CEO of MOM’s Organic Market Retail Chain

Posted on December 14, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


The latest issue of Vegetarian Journal features a Veggie Action piece by Samantha Gendler on Scott Nash, founder and CEO of Mom’s Organic Market with stores in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC. At age 22, Scott Nash started an organic foods home delivery business out of his mother’s garage. Now, almost three decades, 15 stores, and 900 employees later, he has created a corporate culture centered on protecting and restoring the environment.

A staunch environmentalist, Nash has implemented an impressive variety of environmentally-friendly measures into all MOM’s locations. For starters, customers can recycle nearly anything there, from batteries, corks, and cell phones on a daily basis to annual denim and electronics recycling drives. MOM’s also offers TerraCycle Recycling, which involves turning previously non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle waste, such as drink pouches, snack bags, and energy bar wrappers into new products such as park benches and upcycled backpacks. In addition, they have banned the sale of bottled water, eliminated plastic bags, and use biodegradable and/or recycled containers for their in-house packaging. All of the stores’ energy is wind-powered and there are car-charging stations at most locations. Employees are offered incentives for driving electric or hybrid vehicles. “In business, you can make a huge amount of change,” Nash said. “We have a lot of people to impact, and a large environmental footprint ourselves. We have a lot of influence that could ripple out into the industry. An individual can’t do a whole lot, but a business can.”

To read the entire article, see:

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Recall: Earth Balance Vegan Mac

Posted on December 14, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor

Boulder Brands, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Mac & Cheese Due to Possible Dairy Allergen Contamination

Boulder Brands, Inc. is voluntarily recalling Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Mac & Cheese. The products are being recalled as the health and safety of our consumers as our top priority. Boulder Brands initiated the recall after being informed by consumers that the product may contain a dairy allergen. People with a dairy allergy or sensitivity run the risk of a serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.


Is Coconut Oil Good for You?

Posted on December 13, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


The Nutrition Hotline column in the latest issue of Vegetarian Journal focuses on coconut oil. Specifically this question is addressed: Is coconut oil good for you? I see it in so many vegan products.

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Chef John Shields of Gertude’s Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland Shares Some Recipes

Posted on December 12, 2016 by The VRG Blog Editor


Chef John Shields is the owner of Gertrude’s Restaurant next to the Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. For quite some time, Gertrude’s menu has included several vegan options and now he is sharing some of his recipes with you. Enjoy!

The complete article can be found here:
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