Vegan Handbook


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Over 200 Delicious Recipes, Meal Plans, and Vegetarian Resources for All Ages

by Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels, Ph.D., R.D.
ISBN 0-931411-17-3
256 pages, recycled paper

Recipes, Tips, General Information, Nutrition Data, Shopping Sources

The new Vegan Handbook is a needed guide for the novice and long-time vegetarian. It contains extensive information for vegans, including:

  • Dietary Exchange Lists for Meal Planning
  • Sports Nutrition for Vegetarians
  • Vegan Meal Plan and One-Week Menu
  • Senior's Guide to Good Nutrition
  • 30-Day Menu for Those Who Don't Like to Cook
  • Shopper's Guide to Leather Alternatives
  • Business, Ethics, and the Environment
  • Vegetarian History
  • Online Resources for Vegetarians
  • And much more!

From the Introduction by Debra Wasserman

I started editing and laying out the manuscript for this book on a hot summer day and completed the long task during a blizzard. Like the changing seasons, this book contains a wide variety of recipes and fascinating articles you're sure to enjoy. We've tried to include information that will be useful to the beginning vegetarian as well as those who have been following this lifestyle for a long time. Many of the over 200 vegan recipes can be prepared with ingredients found in supermarkets. In some cases, you are encouraged to visit a natural foods store to purchase products. Most of the recipes in this book are lowfat; however, there are a few exceptions. A nutritional analysis is provided for each recipe and in many cases variations are suggested in case you do not have a particular ingredient on hand.

While using this book you may want to keep the following information in mind. First, to keep the sodium content down in each dish try to use salt-free or low-sodium vegetable broth, tomato products, and canned beans when included in a recipe. Second, if nutritional yeast is listed as an ingredient be sure not to use brewer's yeast which is bitter in taste. Nutritional yeast, on the other hand, is grown on a molasses medium and has a sweet, "cheesy" taste. It can be found in natural foods stores. Third, when you have the time you can prepare beans from scratch and freeze them in small containers to use in recipes calling for canned beans. When strawberries, blueberries, and other fruit are in season, you may want to freeze batches of these items in containers or bags for later use. Lastly, my motto is "fresh is best" and cooks should use seasonal ingredients. For example, if available, use fresh herbs. And finally, don't forget to enjoy life!

Sample Page

Sample Recipe

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Introduction

Vegan Meal Plan

30 Day Menu for Those Who Don't Like to Cook


The Basics

  • Luscious Vegetarian Pasta Sauces
  • Pasta Perfect
  • Potato Power
  • Rice: The Global Grain
  • Lentil Mania
  • Carrot Cuisine
  • Bean Bag: A Primer of Easy Bean Recipes
  • Cooking With Greens
  • The Green Scene

Feeding Children

  • Wholesome Baby Foods From Scratch
  • Healthy Fast Food For Pre-Schoolers
  • Children In The Kitchen!!!

Breakfast Ideas

  • What's For Breakfast?
  • Light Pancakes and Waffles


  • Savory Winter Stews
  • Main Dishes
  • Vegetarian Recipes From The Southwest
  • Taming Of The "Wild Rice"

International Cuisine

  • A Bit O' Irish Cookin
  • Spanish Vegetarian Cooking Made Simple
  • Satisfying Vegetarian Foods From Middle Eastern Lands
  • The Wolesome Vegetarian Dishes Of North Africa

Holiday Cooking

  • Halloween Horrors
  • A Vegetarian Thanksgiving
  • Vegetarian Meals Even Carnivores Can Enjoy
  • Holiday Gifts From Your Kitchen


  • Easy Fruit Desserts
  • Beyond Fruit Salad
  • Berry Delicious Ideas For Spring
  • Eggless Baked Treats
  • Cindy's Gourmet Pie
  • Can A "Real" Birthday Cake Be Vegan?
  • Some Like It Cold: Vegan Frozen Desserts

Food Preparation and Other Cooking Suggestions

  • The Diversity Of Gums In Food Products
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Wild Flours: Cooking With Non-Wheat Flours
  • Cooking With Gluten
  • Vegetarian Crockpot Ideas
  • The Pressure's On!


Food Production

  • Linkages Between Business, Ethics, and the Environment
  • Ethical Entrepreneurs With A Mission
  • Don't Get Bugged By Insecticides
  • Vegetable Gardening

Sports Nutrition Guidelines for the Vegetarian

Vegetarian History

  • Cornflake Crusade
  • Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
  • What Benjamin Franklin Really Said About Vegetarianism
  • Amos Bronson Alcott
  • Sylvester Graham: A Vegetarian Advocate of the Nineteenth Century

Vegan Concerns

  • Poems
  • The Life Of Pete: The Male Bovine Is Not Welcome Anywhere
  • The Son Of Big Sue
  • Water Use and Disposal In Poultry Processing
  • A Shopper's Guide To Leather Alternatives

Health Issues

  • Choosing and Using A Dietitian
  • Dietary Exchange Lists For Meal Planning
  • Humans Are Omnivores
  • A Senior's Guide To Good Nutrition
  • Nutrition And The Eye
  • Are You Getting Enough Iron, Or Perhaps, Too Much?
  • Soyfoods As A Source Of Iron In Diets Devoid Of Meat
  • Diet And Breast Cancer
  • Soybeans And Cancer Prevention

Online Resources for Vegetarians

Vegetarian Polls

  • How Many Vegetarians Are There?
  • Roper Poll On The Eating Habits Of Youths

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