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Our Guide to Food Ingredients is very helpful in deciphering ingredient labels. It lists the uses, sources, and definitions of 200 common food ingredients. The guide also states whether the ingredient is vegan, typically vegan, vegetarian, typically vegetarian, typically non-vegetarian, or non-vegetarian.

32 pages

You can read some examples of what the guide offers in our Frequently Asked Questions about Food Ingredients.

Sample Listing

Sodium stearoyl lactylate:
An animal-mineral (cow or hog-derived, or milk), or vegetable mineral. It is a common food additive, which is often used to condition dough or to blend together ingredients that do not normally blend, such as oil and water. Our Guide reports it "May be non-vegetarian." Archer Daniels Midland Co., a manufacturer of sodium stearoyl lactylate reports that their product is of vegetable origin; the lactic acid is produced from microbial fermentation and the stearic acid, from soy oil. Sodium is a mineral which is added.

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