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Vegetarian Journal's
Foodservice Update


Volume X, Number 2     Spring 2002
Editors: Nancy Berkoff, Ed.D., R.D. and Debra Wasserman
Assistant Editors: Susan Petrie and Elsa Vorwerk

A sampling from the Spring 2002 issue of  Vegetarian Journal's Foodservice Update, published quarterly by the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Original Table of Contents

Nuts to You!
Food Service Hotline
Vegan Food Products
Vegan Tidbits
Vegetarian Quantity Recipes
- It's Not Tuna Salad
- Green and Brown Soy Pasta Salad
- Jalapeno Blueberry Salad
- Wild Rice Salad
- Barbecue Sauce with Peaches and Apricots
- Green and Red Chile Soup
- Homestyle Barley Casserole
- Somerset Catering's Vegetarian Chili
- Roasted Vegetables Casablanca

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