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2013 Issue #1 (PDF)
Cooking with Early Spring Greens;What will Vegans and Vegetarians Eat?;Jamaican Ital Cuisine; College Survey; A Vegan in China; Food safety guidelines you should follow when holding a vegan potluck meal;Quick and Easy Beans:Dishes to Warm You from the Inside this Winter;Vegetarian Resource Group’s 2012 Essay Contest Winner; Seven-year-old Colin Vineberg has been vegetarian since he was born.; Marla Rose: An Extraordinary Vegan Activist in Chicago, Illinois
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2012 Issue #4 (PDF)
Multitude of Mushrooms; How Often Do Americans Eat Vegetarian Meals? And How Many Adults in the U.S. Are Vegetarian?; Vegetarians in the Hospital; VRG Awards $5,000 College Scholarships to High School Seniors in Washington and Iowa; Menu Planning Using the 2010 Dietary Guidelines; Accommodating Vegans in Assisted-Living Facilities; Vitamin C and iron absorption, Southern cooking done vegan-style; Nutrition Hotline; Note from the Coordinators; Vegan Cooking Tips - Frozen Foods Frenzy; Scientific Update; Vegetarian Action - Indie Folk Rock Musician John Darnielle, An Interview by Candice DeForest.
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2012 Issue #3 (PDF)
Celebration Meals; 30 Memorable Activities From The VRG’s 30 Years of Activism; Top Vegan Foods 30 Years Ago Vs. Today; Remember When? VRG volunteers and staff take Amanda J. Gilley down memory lane; Vegan Restaurants Across the USA; Looking Back and Looking Forward Six luminaries consider the vegetarian movement’s past and future; 30 Ways to Celebrate with The VRG Over the Next 30 Years; List of 30th Anniversary Donors; Nutrition Hotline; Note from the Coordinators: The VRG Celebrates 30 Years of Activism; 30 Vegan Meal Ideas Even Non-Vegetarians Will Enjoy!; VRG Teaches Interns About Veganism/Candle 79 Party;  Scientific Update;
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2012 Issue #2 (PDF)
Beans, Grains, and Vegetables; Starting Veg Clubs on College Campuses; My Vegan Plate; Promoting Food Day and World Vegetarian Day; Recipes from Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants; VRG Member Teaches Animal Law And Ethics to Penn Students; Vegan Cooking Tips: Using Vegan Yogurt; Vegetarian Action: Tina Fox and Vegetarian for Life
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2012 Issue #1 (PDF)
Soy-Free Egg Substitutes; “The Ghetto Vegetarian”; Vegetarian in the Military; Persian Cuisine: Veganized; VJ’s 2011 Essay Contest Winners; Soups of South America; Nutrition Hotline: Sure, some vegan foods provide calcium, but what about other nutrients?; Note from the Coordinators VRG Celebrates 30 Years of Changing Society; Vegan Cooking Tips; Vegetarian Action: Through the Eyes of a Refugee Vegan Spring Break Trip; Scientific Update; Notes from The VRG Scientific Department
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2011 Issue #4 (PDF)
International Breakfasts; How Often Do Americans Eat Vegetarian Meals? And How Many Adults in the U.S. Are Vegan?; Vegan ‘Soul Food’ for the Holidays; VRG Awards Two $5,000 College Scholarships to High School Activists; Vegan Argentinian Cuisine; Nutrition Hotline: Must tofu be steamed for 5 minutes to kill bacteria? Can I eat spinach and cranberries if I'm on warfarin?
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2008 Issue #2   (PDF)
The Rich Flavors of African Cuisine; VJ's Guide to Vegan Burgers and Dogs; Cheese-Less Sauces; Veggie Options at Quick-Service Restaurant Chains; VJ's Winning Student Essay; Nutrition Hotline: What can vegetarians do to maximize their weight loss efforts?; Note from the Coordinators; Letters to the Editors; Notes from The VRG Scientific Department; Vegan Cooking Tips; Veggie Bits; Book Reviews; Vegetarian Action
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