Vegetarian Journal 2001 November


Regional Italian and Sicilian Pasta Sauces:
Vegan Italia, by Nancy Berkoff
Interested in Nutrition?:
What does it take to become a registered dietitian?
Michelle Y. Burke lets us know
Tortilla Sunrise:
Debra Daniels-Zeller wraps up breakfast with southwestern flair
Winner of the Audrey Fluke Vegetarian Award
Easy, Healthy Appetizers for Holiday Company:
The best of vegetarian little food, by Nava Atlas
Winner of the Ruth E Caring Award:
"How Many People Do You Know Who Have Been Vegetarian For Over 65 Years?"


Nutrition Hotline:
The potential for transmission of mad cow disease through dairy products
Notes from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Product Review:
Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Nuts and Nut Butters
Notes from the Scientific Department:
Veggie Bits
Scientific Update:
A Review of Recent Scientific Papers Related to Vegetarianism
Vegan Cooking Tips -From Chef Nancy Berkoff:
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action:
Dwayne DeRosario, by Brian Kluepfel