Letters to Editors

What is the Nutrient Composition of Wheat gluten?

Recently, a dietitian came to VRG with this question: I have a diabetic client who wants to cook with seitan or wheat gluten. Do you know the nutrient composition of this product, so I can help him prepare menus sensitive to his special needs?

VRG's Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, suggests that you visit <www.whitewave.com>, click on products, and then choose seitan. There is nutritional information about several varieties of seitan that White Wave Company produces.

VRG's Nutrition Info is Unsurpassed

I've been taking nutrition courses to finally get a license. I have had a million questions that I have asked my teachers or have tried to find in my text materials in my courses. I feel I have answered more in the 10 minutes that I've read your "ingredients question page," than a semester in one of my courses. You're doing a great service and a job well done. Thank you!

Jody Futterman
via e-mail

North Alabama Meat-Out a Success

Just a note to give Jeannie and the VRG a BIG THANKS for your support concerning our event. Over 200 people from across North Alabama were in attendance! The info you sent was excellent for the occasion, especially the magazines. They went like hotcakes! We received media coverage on a local TV station that evening and a front-page story in the "Food" section of the newspaper!

Curtis Eakins, Coordinator, 3rd Annual North Alabama (Huntsville) Great American Meatout

College Student Finds Useful info on VRG Website

Your site ROCKS!! Thank you so much for providing such a good resource for us non-meateaters! I recently went vegan, I go to school in a VERY small town, and I'm finding it hard to get enough protein and calcium. This site has helped me so much! When I go home, I plan on taking advantage of the many health food stores in my area! Now, I have a list of many things I can buy which are high in protein and calcium! I can't wait to buy some cookbooks, too! Thanks!

Liah Williams
via e-mail