Vegetarian Journal 2004 Issue 3


Perfect Pears
Debra Daniels-Zeller demonstrates how to use this often overlooked fruit in any course of your meal.
Encouraging Vegetarian Foods at Concession Stands
Get veggie options at baseball parks and other venues with tips from Johanna McCloy.
Vegan Cajun and Creole Cooking
Let the good times roll with Kate O'Neill's adaptations of Louisiana's most infamous cuisines.
Regional Cuisines
Nancy Berkoff, RD, brings distinctive cooking styles from around the United States to your table.
Vegan Indian Dinner


Nutrition Hotline
What kind of calcium is best absorbed from soymilk? Is carrageenan dangerous? Do African-American vegetarians live longer than their meat-eating counterparts?
Note from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Veggie Bits
Scientific Update
Notes from the Scientific Department
Foodservice Update
2004 Scholarship Winners
Vegan Cooking Tips
Garbanzos! by Chef Nancy Berkoff
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
Establishing Guidelines for Veggie Lunches in Schools, by Heather Gorn
Introducing "Vegan Menu for People with Diabetes"