Vegetarian Journal 2004 Issue 3

Veggie Bits

Compassionate Living Festival in North Carolina October 1-3

The Nineteenth Annual International Compassionate Living Festival will be held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Research Triangle Park, near Durham, NC. The dates for the conference are Friday, October 1, through Sunday, October 3, 2004. Hosted by the Institute for Animals & Society and the Culture and Animals Foundation, the theme for this year’s conference is Empty Cages, based upon Tom Regan’s new book of the same name.

For more information about this conference, contact the Institute for Animals & Society at (410) 675-4566 or via e-mail at Their website is Contact the Culture and Animals Foundation at (919) 782-3739 or via e-mail at Their website is

Are You Marriage-Minded?

Then, Vegetarian Weddings Online is the place to go! This new website provides the engaged with some great resources to keep their events in step with their lifestyle. Featured services include cruelty-free jewelers, silk-free gown designers, vegetarian caterers and bakers, reception sites, photography services, gift registries, and honeymoon destination specialists listed by state.

Couples can check out, while service providers should contact Donna Zeigfinger at to ask about listing requirements.

Save Room for Dessert!

Fabe’s Natural Gourmet has given vegans still more reasons to skip dinner and reach straight for dessert. They have introduced wheat- and gluten-free versions of their vegan Mini and 9" Deep Dish Pies in Dutch Apple and Pumpkin varieties. Also, their new vegan coconut Macaroons, made with organic flours and sweetened with fruit juice, are offered either plain or covered with chocolate or carob. These extraordinarily delicious cookies will go so quickly that you may want to purchase a few packages at a time!

Contact Fabe’s Natural Gourmet at 18115 Saticoy Street, Reseda, CA 91335, or at (818) 344-4578. Some products may be ordered at

Cruelty-Free Contact Solutions

Clear Conscience offers a Multi-Purpose Solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses and a Multi-Action Solution for the rigid, gas-permeable variety. Both of these products are cruelty-free, sterilized without radiation, and packaged in recyclable plastic bottles with spill-proof tops.

Contact Clear Conscience at P.O. Box 17855, Arlington, VA 22216, or at (800) 595-9592. You may also visit their website at for ordering information or a list of retailers near you.

World Vegetarian Congress Meets in Brazil this November

The 2004 World Vegetarian Congress will take place at the Costão de Santinho Resort & Spa in Florianópolis, Brazil, from November 8-14, 2004. This world meeting of vegetarians is sponsored by the International Vegetarian Union,, together with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, The event will offer conferences and workshops, cooking classes, a cruelty-free fashion show, a vegan luau, and tours of the surrounding area. All are welcome!

Information about accomodations and registration for the Congress is now available on the IVU website at

A Cure for Your Snack Attacks, Even When You’re on the Go

It’s always tempting to get a scoopful of nuts or dried fruit when you pass those bulk bins at the local market. Now, Eden Foods has introduced six varieties of such snacks in convenient, portable, and resealable 4-ounce packages. Among the choices are Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds, Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, and Dried Montmorency Tart Cherries. If you can’t decide, there’s always All Mixed Up, which is dry roasted and lightly salted organic pumpkin seeds, organic almonds, dried Montmorency tart cherries, and organic raisins. Or try All Mixed Up Too, which includes many of the ingredients in the original, as well as organic sunflower seeds.

You may contact Eden Foods, Inc., at 701 Tecumseh Road, Clinton, MI 49236, or call (800) 248-0320. Their website is

Tired of the Same Veggies in Your Mexican Dishes?

Then, try using cacti, which taste similar to green beans with a tart citrus flavor. Edible cacti are a staple in raw foods diets, but they also work well in soups, salads, salsas, and even burritos.

Rivenrock Gardens offers a variety of certified organic spined and spineless edible catci. For ordering information, contact them at Rivenrock Gardens, P.O. Box 196, Nipomo, CA 93444, or at info@rivenrock. com. Their website is

Some Fun in a Bun!

Forkless Gourmet’s Bun Meals are microwavable rolls that even the messiest eaters can consume neatly using only their hands. Their vegan “Vegetarian Feast” variety is filled with a tasty blend of organic tofu, edamame, spinach, and grilled mushrooms in a soy ginger sauce. It makes a quick, convenient, and tidy snack, and the company claims this product is free of trans fats.

Forkless Gourmet products are available in natural foods stores and some groceries. Contact the company at 210 North Trail, Hawthorn Woods, IL 60647, or at (847) 438-4466. Or visit to find a retailer near you. Announces Top Restaurants for 2003 has announced the winners of its first annual Vegetarian Restaurants of the Year Awards. The nominees, selected by the on-line vegetarian restaurant directory’s visitors, included all-veggie establishments from across North America. Among the 2003 honorees are Grasshopper in Boston; Chicago Diner and Karyn’s Fresh Corner in Chicago; Watercourse in Denver; Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Native Foods and Real Food Daily in Los Angeles; Candle Café in New York City; Millennium in San Francisco; Roxanne’s in the San Francisco Bay Area; Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant and The Vegetable Garden in Washington, D.C.; Fressen in Toronto; and Bo Kong in Vancouver. Voting for the 2004 Awards will begin in the fall.

Plum Tomatoes All Year Round

Muir Glen is adding to its already extensive line of organic tomatoes, sauces, and salsas with the introduction of Organic Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes in 28-ounce cans. These tomatoes contain less water than other varieties and therefore add thickness to homemade sauces, long after their peak season ends.

Contact Small Planet Foods, Muir Glen’s parent company, at 719 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284-2011. You may also call (800) 832-6345 or visit

Single-Serve Soymilks for Back to School!

Are your kids bored with juice drinks in their lunch boxes? Silk now offers its Vanilla Shake and Chocolate flavor soymilks in shelf-stable, portable, individual servings. These 8.25-ounce ‘prisma packs’ come with a detachable straw and an ergonomic shape that makes them easy for little hands to hold.

Contact Silk’s parent company, White Wave, at 1990 North 57th Court, Boulder, CO 80301, or at (800) 488-9283. Or visit

Step into Liquid

Liquid toothpastes have become popular since they are said to have the same breath-freshening abilities as mouthwash. Tom’s of Maine now offers three cruelty-free liquid toothpastes that will leave your mouth tingling hours after you brush. Their Natural Anti-Plaque plus Whitening comes in spearmint, cinnamint, and fennel, while their Natural Anti-Plaque Tartar Control plus Whitening is available in spearmint and peppermint varieties. The Natural Children’s Non-Fluoride provides a naturally sweetened Goofy-Grape flavor that will make kids actually want to brush.

Contact Tom’s of Maine at 302 Lafayette Center, P.O. Box 710, Kennebunk, ME 04043, or at (207) 985-2011. Visit their website at

Wheat-Free Breads and Pasta and Flourless Tortillas

Food for Life, a small, family-owned natural foods bakery, produces hearty wheat- and gluten-free breads in White Rice, Brown Rice, Rice Almond, Rice Pecan, and Raisin Pecan varieties. They also offer Rice Elbow Pasta made from only brown rice flour.

In addition, Food for Life makes organic, flour- less New Mexican Style Sprouted Grain Tortillas. The recipe for this product was inspired by the biblical verse Ezekiel 4:9, which suggests a combination of grains and legumes that created this truly heavenly bread.

Look for these products in natural foods and specialty stores. Or write to Food for Life Baking Com- pany, Inc., at 2991 East Doherty Street, Corona, CA 92879. You may also call them at (800) 797-5090 or visit for more information.

Solidly Sold on These Sodas

Even the pickiest soft drink connoisseur will fall in love with Steaz, a fantastic line of microbrewed green tea sodas. These lightly carbonated beverages come in Key Lime, Lemon Dew, Raspberry, Orange, Root Beer, and an absolutely fabulous Cola flavor. If the variety isn’t tempting enough, this may also the first line of soft drinks in the United States to be certified organic.

Look for Steaz at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Safeway, and other stores that carry natural products. Or contact The Healthy Beverage Company at MB #356, 2865 South Eagle Road, Newtown, PA 18940, or at (800) 295-2011. Their website is

Get Away from the Grill!

Lightlife, already known for its organic seitans and tempehs, now offers Organic Tempeh Grilles in Lemon and Tamari flavors. These satisfying soy-rice creations are easy to heat and serve whole as a sandwich patty or in cubes on toothpicks as appetizers.

Look for Lightlife products in natural foods stores and supermarkets nationwide. Contact the company at 153 Industrial Boulevard, Turners Falls, MA 01376, or at (877) 769-3279. Or visit

A Juicy Bit of Information...

Drawn from Jamaican family recipes, Jammin’ Nectars is a delicious line of all-natural fruit and vegetable juice combinations. These thirst quenchers come in three flavors—Mambo Mango, C-Beta Carrot, and the particularly tasty Razz-Ade—and more are on the way. Look for these drinks at natural foods and specialty stores in the U.S.—and the Caribbean, of course!

For more information, contact The Juicemon, Food Collage, Inc., P.O. Box 651025, Sterling, VA 20165. You may also call (866) 582-3666, or refer to

Perhaps Peter Piper Prefers to Pick a Peck of These...

Sunshine Farms is believed to be the first in North America to offer certified organic pickles, including bread & butter and baby, quarter, and whole dills. They also offer organic pickled beans, organic pickled garlic, and organic pickled garlic scapes. All of their products are certified kosher.

Write Sunshine Farms at 30043 Jane Road, RR#5, Thamesville, ON, Canada N0P 2K0. You may also contact them at (519) 692-4416 or through e-mail at

Announcing the Birth of an Organic Linens Line

For more than a decade, Ecobaby Organics, Inc., has offered a range of natural products for babies and children, including organic cotton clothes, diapers, toys, and linens. Now, the company has created a subsidiary named Pure-Rest to bring adult customers their own line of great organic cotton, chemical-free items. These include sheets with up to a 350-thread count in a variety of sizes, colors, and prints; mattress pads; comforters; duvets; towels; and sherpa bathrobes.

To learn more, contact Pure-Rest at 332 Coogan Way, El Cajon, CA 92020, or at (619) 851-8236. Information is also available through their website at

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