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I Scream! You Scream! We All Scream for Ricemellow Creme!

Suzanne’s Specialties has created the ultimate vegan indulgence with their new Ricemellow Creme. This fluffy marshmallow alternative is made from only brown rice syrup, soy protein, and natural gums and flavors. It’s perfect as an ingredient for Rice Krispies treats or s’mores, though some VRG staff members preferred to eat it straight from the 10-ounce tub!

To order, visit the company’s website at You may also write to them at 40 Fulton Street, Unit 7, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, or call the company at (800) 762-2011.

Going Nuts for Nut Butters!

Tired of your run-of-the-mill peanut butter? Maranatha Natural Foods makes an Almond Butter and a Cashew Butter that are incredible, and you’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven after one taste of their creamy Macadamia Butter! Plus, some varieties are available in organic versions.

Contact Maranatha’s parent company, nSpired Natural Foods, at 14855 Wicks Boulevard, San Leandro, CA 94577, or at (510) 686-0116. Their website is

Resolution for Vegan Options in Schools Passed in New York

A New York State coalition of parents, educators, medical professionals, and religious leaders successfully passed a statewide resolution encouraging a daily vegan entrée option in school lunches; replacement of unhealthy à la carte and vending items with more nutritious choices; farm-to-school programs emphasizing organic choices when possible; nutrition education that includes information on healthy multicultural and vegetarian and vegan eating patterns; and a request that the Office of General Services recommend that the USDA make a greater number of healthful commodity foods available for use in schools.

For more information, contact Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of New York Coalition for Healthy School Lunches, by phone at (631) 286-2011 or via e-mail at

Baby Dark Chickpeas Liven Up Everyday Garbanzo Dishes

Jyoti, known for its gourmet yet easy-to-prepare Indian cuisine, is making your next meal more enticing with its Kala Channa. These baby dark chickpeas may be smaller than typical garbanzos, but with a rich, nutty flavor, they certainly don’t short diners on taste. Kala Channa will enhance many salads, soups, and dips, but they work particularly well as a striking contrast mingled with their beige brethren in any typical chickpea dish.

Contact Jyoti Indian Cuisine at P.O. Box 516, 816 Newtown Road, Berwyn, PA 19312, or call (610) 296-4620. Their website is

Wanderbird Cruises Get the Wind Back into Your Sails!

Looking for a revitalizing getaway that lets you experience folk music festivals, study coastal wildlife, or marvel at New England’s fall colors? Then, Rockport Schooner Cruises has the answer for you. The company’s Wanderbird is a spacious 90-foot vessel that can accommodate up to 12 for three- to six-day cruises every June through October. All regularly scheduled cruises cater to vegetarians and vegans, and many of their trips feature only vegetarian fare, such as their whale watching tour in early September.

The Wanderbird’s chef is a 20-year vegetarian who deliciously caters to a vegan diet with breakfast options such as Vegan Buckwheat Waffles and Karen’s Homemade “Sorta Sausage.” Lunch may bring Oriental Broccoli Peanut Salad, Lentil Walnut Burgers, and Coconut Lemon Squares, while dinner may include Red Pepper-Walnut Pâté, Ginger Sesame Portobello Steaks, Handmade Maple Roasted Squash Ravioli in Vegan Pesto and Pinenuts, and Sage Onion Wheat Rolls. The staff even makes fresh fruit sorbets in an old fashioned hand-crank ice cream maker!

Contact Rockport Schooner Cruises at P.O. Box 987, Rockport, ME 04856, or at (866) SEA-BIRD. Tour schedules, prices, and private charter information are available on the company’s website at

American Airlines Introduces Gluten-Free, Vegan Cookies

Starting last year, American Airlines passengers who request special meals will receive a vegan Sun Flour Baking Company cookie to finish off their lunch or dinner. Vegetarian plates will include a Lemony Lemon variety, while celiac (gluten-free) meals feature a wheat- and gluten-free German Chocolate cookie.

For nutrition information, visit Sun Flour Baking Company’s website at You may also write to the company at 2464 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821, or call (916) 488-4150.

Announcing the Addition of Spreadable Maple Syrup

Shady Maple Farm offers an array of imaginative maple syrup products, including their new spreadable maple syrups. Their Clearly Maple can coat pancakes and French toast with a rich glaze, while their vegan Maple Butter will add a fantastic flavor to toast, English muffins, and more. These spreadable syrups, which are certified organic in the U.S. as well as in Canada, will surely bring joy to your breakfast table!

You can contact Shady Maple Farm at 2700 Matheson Boulevard East, Suite 801, East Tower, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4W 4V9, or at (905) 206-2011. You may also visit their website at

Fernwood Gallery’s Bar Soaps Come in 13 Heavenly Scents

Fernwood Gallery’s Soap & Total Body Bars will certainly moisturize your dry skin, but just wait until you smell their delectably fragrant bouquets! These cruelty-free soaps are available in 13 varieties, including their lovely English Garden, a refreshing Tea Tree Blend, and the invigorating Highland Zephyr. You can buy these products either individually or as part of a personal care gift basket for any special person in your life.

You may visit Fernwood Gallery’s original store at 200 Casselman Road, Grantsville, MD 21536, or call them at (888) 359-9922. You may also shop online or download a PDF of their catalog from their website at

Meatless Pepperoni Snacks

Meat analog master Vegi-Deli has introduced a vegan pepperoni snack with their new QuickStix. These high-protein jerkies are available in three flavors—Original, Italian Spice, and the ultra-fiery Blazin’ Hot—and serve as a great take-along food whether you’re backpacking or just in the mood for a fast bite.

For more information, write to Vegi-Deli’s parent company, Green Options, Inc., 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903, or call them at (888) 473-3667. Their website is

Organic Soybeans Yield Distinctive Angel Hair Pastas

Nutrition Kitchen has put a new twist on your favorite al dente dishes with their pleasing and unique Whole Soybean Pastas. These delicate angel hair noodles, made solely from organic soybeans, are wheat-free, gluten-free, and kosher. With three varieties—Golden, Green, and Black—these noodles are sure to add color as well as soy protein to many an Italian or Asian meal.

Write to Nutrition Kitchen, Inc., at P.O. Box 396, Concord, MA 01742, or call the company at (800) 772-5977. Ordering information is available on their website at

Soy Ice Cream—Now in Sandwich Form!

As the weather heats up, you may want to reach for these cool new snacks. Soy Delicious has crafted their own version of the traditional ice cream sandwich with Organic Li’l Buddies. These non-dairy delights come six to a pack and are available in vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, and mint varieties. Why not grab a box of each and start stocking your freezer today?

Look for Li’l Buddies in most natural foods stores and some supermarkets. You may contact this product’s parent company, Turtle Mountain, Inc., at P.O. Box 21938, Eugene, OR 97402, or at (541) 338-9400. Visit their website at

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