Vegetarian Journal 2005 Issue 4

Notes from the VRG Scientific Department

VRG In The News

VRG Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, was interviewed by the Press and Sun Bulletin (Binghamton, NY) for a story about vegetarian teens and by the Longmont (Colorado) Health & Wellness magazine for a story about children who decide on their own to become vegetarians. In addition, Reed’s article, “Strategies for working with vegetarian infants, children, and adolescents,” was reprinted in the American Dietetic Association’s Medical Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group and Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group newsletters. VRG Nutrition Advisor Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH, RD, was interviewed for a story that compared the effectiveness of popular weight loss diets for The Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun News. Currently, Sue’s diet and health column, “On the Table,” is reaching 400,000 readers weekly in The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) and The Charlotte Observer.

VRG Outreach

VRG’s Food Service Advisor Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, did a series of presentations for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. With this program, she visited area elementary schools and spoke about making healthy snacks, largely based on soy and rice milk and seasonal fruit. Parents, students, and educators attended, received recipes, sampled snacks, and participated in question-and-answer sessions. In late July, Nancy presented the American Culinary Federation’s yearly 8-hour nutrition refresher course; this year’s topic was vegetarian applications for food service. Approximately 90 culinary educators, nutrition educators, professional chefs, and food service professionals participated. In addition, Nancy has contributed to chapters of textbooks being used by first-year medical students. Her portions explain the use of vegan and vegetarian diets when patients are being treated for various diseases, such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, cystic fibrosis, and osteoporosis.

Excerpts from the 2005 Issue 4:
Make-Ahead Baked Pasta Delights
Debra Daniels-Zeller creates noodle dishes that go from freezer to oven to table in no time flat.
Whole Grain Vegan Quick Breads
Peggy Rynk bakes healthy loaves, muffins, biscuits, and more.
How Many Youth Are Vegetarian?
VRG polls 8- to 18-year-olds about their dietary habits.
One-Week Low-Sodium Vegan Menu
Dietetic intern Mark Rifkin considers the advantages of low-sodium diets and designs a meal plan to keep salt intake down.
Nutrition Hotline
What is the government doing to help low-income vegetarian families?
Note from the Coordinators
Notes from the VRG Scientific Department
Interviews our dietitians granted, outreach to students and chefs.
Scientific Update
Vegan Cooking Tips
Holiday Potatoes, by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE.
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
Chicago Soydairy Brings Vegan Treats to Midwest Market and Beyond, by Jim Dunn.
Veggie Bits

The Vegetarian Journal published here is not the complete issue, but these are excerpts from the published magazine. Anyone who wishes to see everything should subscribe to the magazine.

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