Vegetarian Journal 2006 Issue 4

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Move Over Betty Crocker,
and Make Way for Betty Lou!

Betty Lou’s, Inc., is a small company that offers an impressive line of vegan snack foods, including candy and cookies. Moreover, the company makes 2-ounce, all-organic Vegan Snack Bars that nearly everyone will enjoy. Fruit enthusiasts will gravitate to their sweet Berry Berry variety or the tangy citrus of their Chocolate Tangerine flavor, while the Nutty Delight is sure to attract almond and cashew aficionados.

Contact Betty Lou’s, Inc., at P.O. Box 537, McMinnville, OR 97128, or call the company at (503) 434-5205. Products and nutritional information are available at their website,

Organic Fruit Baskets and Gifts Are Thoughtful Choices for Everyone on Your List

Online retailers are offering excellent organic gifts for the holiday season! Here are just a couple of the companies from whom you can purchase fabulous presents to bestow upon your family members, friends, and work associates, both now and year-round:

Just in Time for Hot Chocolate
and Holiday Pie Season!

Finally, someone has heard the cries of sugar-addicted vegans everywhere! Ceres Organics has introduced a delicious soy aerosol whipped cream. This product is 100 percent vegan and is made from mostly organic ingredients, including soymilk and coconut oil. Equally important is the fact that this light, creamy treat tastes even better than most dairy varieties. You’ll want to skip the dessert and eat it straight from the can!

For more information, contact Ceres Organics at 2121 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301, or call the company at (303) 442-2011. You may also want to visit their website at

Terrific Choices for Tortillas

Are you tired of your tortilla options being limited to white or wheat, with maybe a corn variety thrown in once in awhile? Then, Tumaro’s line of flavored tortillas is a refreshing change of pace. Their products are made with organic flour, and their vegan varieties include Chipotle Chili & Peppers, Garden Spinach & Vegetables, and Jalapeño & Cilantro in an 8" size for soft tacos and vegan enchiladas and in a 10" size that works well for burritos and sandwich wraps. In addition, they make a flavorful Pesto & Garlic tortilla in their 8" size. However, Tumaro’s most impressive offering has to be their Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil variety, which brings vivid color and unique taste to any dish in which it is used. Furthermore, all of these tortilla flavors are available in 12" to 13" sizes for food service use.

For more information, contact Tumaro’s Tortillas at 5300 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 311, Los Angeles, CA 90029, or contact the company at (323) 464-6317. A list of retailers who carry these products is available at

Make Hearty Meals Fast with
Eden’s Organic Rice & Beans

Eden Foods has created an enjoyable line called Organic Rice & Beans that features six combinations of these staple dishes. Their Rice with Cajun Small Red Beans variety boasts a great homemade southern taste, while the Rice and Caribbean Black Beans offers a hearty flavor. The Garbanzo Beans, Green Lentils, Kidney Beans, and Pinto Beans varieties are appetizing as well. Just open a 15-ounce can and heat for a few minutes for a convenient meal for one or all.

For more information, write to Eden Foods, Inc., at 701 Tecumseh Road, Clinton, Michigan 49236, or call the company at (888) 424-3336. You can purchase these products online at

Dressings Straight from
the Green Mountain State

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont’s All Natural Salad Dressings include three vegan flavors. Try the Sesame Ginger if you long for the perfect hint of tang sprinkled with tender seeds, or pick up the Strawberry Balsamic if you’d like a salad topper that is sweet and sour at the same time. The flavor you must try, though, is the Maple Fig, which has a surprising, candy-like flavor that will add a tantalizing touch to holiday fare.

Write to Maple Grove Farms of Vermont at 1052 Portland Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819, or call the company at (802) 748-5141. You can purchase these and other products from

Calling All Activists!

Toronto Animal Rights Society founder Adam Wilson has started a website that many Journal readers will want to visit again and again. is an abundant resource for all things that signify an ideological movement down the corporate ladder, down the food chain, and down to earth. The site’s online storefront displays fair labor, vegan, and environmentally friendly apparel, accessories, companion animal supplies, CDs from vegetarian musicians, and more. In addition, the library includes articles and advice that will interest anyone concerned about globalization, human rights, animal welfare, or environmentalism.

Tofurky Introduces Veggie
Sausages for Every Meal!

Tofurky recently debuted three new members of its family of vegan meat alternatives, and their great options will encourage you to consume them during every meal of the day! The new Tofurky Breakfast Links provide an authentic texture without the pools of grease that could ruin your vegan pancakes or tofu scramble. For lunch, you may want to get your hands on a couple of Tofurky Franks, which plump to offer a tasty turkey dog-like flavor. And if you’re having some truly adventurous guests over for a casual dinner, you may want to break out the fiery Tofurky Chipotle Franks and add some serious kick to your dining habits.

Contact Tofurky’s parent company, Turtle Island Foods, Inc., at P.O. Box 176, Hood River, OR 97031. You may also call (541) 386-7766 or refer to Turtle Island’s website,

New Resort Beckons
Vegetarians to Costa Rica

Lands in Love, or Tierras Enamoradas in Spanish, is an all-vegetarian resort nestled in a Tilarán Mountains cloud forest in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica. This 269-acre property features 33 adorable, bungalow-style rooms with fantastic birdwatching opportunities from their porches, a camping area, and hiking trails that guide guests to jungles, waterfalls, and a small orchid farm. Amenities include a swimming pool and jacuzzi area, a conference room, and a pet hotel. However, most guests will gladly make their way to the Israeli and international cuisine at the on-site gourmet vegetarian restaurant, which can accommodate guests with diabetes or celiac disease, as well as those who are following Weight Watchers plans.

For more information about Lands in Love and their rates, visit their website at You may call the resort at (506) 475-2011/2/3 in Costa Rica or at (408) 351-2011 from the United States. You may also e-mail the staff at

Excerpts from the 2006 Issue 4:
Vegan Tamales
Cecilia Peterson makes this popular Latin American party food.
How Many Adults Are Vegetarian?
Charles Stahler considers the results of The VRG’s 2006 national poll.
Gluten-Free Cuisine
Avoiding gluten is easier with tips from Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE.
2006 College Scholarship Winners
Meet the two young women who received this year’s awards.
VJ’s Essay Contest Winner
Rebecca Sams shares a story of conviction and camaraderie.
Review: Attitudes, Practices, and Beliefs
of Individuals Consuming a Raw Foods Diet
Dietetic student Vrinda Walker examines the views and habits of leaders in the American raw foods community.
Nutrition Hotline
Is there any truth to those claims that garlic is good for your health?
Note from the Coordinators
Notes from the VRG Scientific Department
Veggie Bits
Vegan Cooking Tips
One-Pot Wonders, by Chef Nancy Berkoff.
Scientific Update
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
Plenty’s Programs Bring Soy Production
to Underdeveloped Countries, by Cecilia Peterson.

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