Vegetarian Journal 2008 Issue 3

Notes from The VRG Scientific Department

VRG In the News

Vegetarian Resource Group Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, was interviewed for an article about 8- to 13-year-old vegetarians in the KidsPost section of the Washington Post, a story about teen vegetarians in the Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA), and a piece about Meatless Mondays for Today’s Dietitian.

VRG Outreach

Vegetarian Resource Group Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, staffed The VRG’s booth at the 5th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in Loma Linda, CA, in the spring. She also participated in a poster session at the event, creating a display titled How Many Vegetarians Are There? that focused on VRG’s poll results. In addition, Vegetarian Resource Group Food Service Advisor Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, is happy to report that The VRG’s online vegetarian course has been accepted by the American Culinary Federation for chefs completing their continuing education credits in nutrition.

Excerpts from the 2008 Issue 3

Dried Fruit: Treasures to Savor All Year Round
Debra Daniels-Zeller incorporates apricots, cherries, dates, figs, prunes, raisins, and more into every course of your meal.
An Update on Rennet
Jeanne Yacoubou, MS, learns the latest about cheesemaking ingredients.
Vegan Cheese: New and Improved Versions
VRG Dietetic Intern Melanie Campbell tests products for nutrition, taste, meltability, and more.
How Many People Order Vegetarian Meals When Eating Out?
See the results of The VRG’s latest poll.
Quick-and-Easy, Lower Budget Vegan Items to Serve in Institutional Settings
Chef Nancy Berkoff stretches your dollar in this Foodservice Update.
Vegetarianism in Political Magazines
VRG Intern Bobby Allyn searches LexisNexis for articles on vegetarianism and veganism.
Nutrition Hotline
Are there links between my daughter’s acne and her vegetarian diet?
Note from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Vegan Cooking Tips
Fast Sandwich Spreads, by Chef Nancy Berkoff
Scientific Update
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action
Chef Ralph Estevez: An Interview with the Team Chef of the Washington Redskins, by Melanie Campbell

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