Letters to the Editors

Veggie Burger and Dog Fans Speak Out About Recent Article

In response to the VJ's Guide to Veggie Burgers and Dogs in Issue 2, 2008:

Great review of vegan burgers and dogs! I've been eating the Morningstar Farms Grillers for quite a while — they're great when my husband barbecues them on the grill. (Segregated, of course, from his hamburgers!) I've only tried the Lightlife Smart Dogs and Yves Tofu Dogs, and I'm not very impressed with either, though I still eat them! I'll have to take your suggestion and try the Tofurky Chipotle Franks.

Love your magazine and love sharing it with my daughter, who is slowly adopting better habits as she is getting older!

Peggy Z., via e-mail

First, how could you have missed Morningstar's hot dog? It is available in the stores I go to, and it is my favorite hot dog. I also recommend trying Baco's sausage. It is great as an alternative to a hot dog.

Also, how could you run this article and leave out a tasting test? Yes, I want to know a ranking of sodium and fat. In fact, I want not just those that are lowest in sodium and fat but a complete ranking since you obviously have it. Don't throw away data! And I would choose a dog and burger based on not only sodium and fat but also taste.

Finally, don't compare them to meat-based alternatives, just among each other.

Louis F., via e-mail

Editor's Note: Only vegan items were reviewed for this article. Morningstar Farms' America's Original Veggie Dog® Links, Veggie Corn Dogs, and Mini Veggie Corn Dogs contain dairy derivatives and egg whites.

A Texas-Sized Thank You for The VRG!

Thank you so much for all of the great materials that you sent to us for Earth Day, at no charge! We had a very successful day, with much interest in our organization and the literature you provided.

It's wonderful to have the support of organizations such as yours to help promote an animal- and earth-friendly lifestyle. In appreciation, we would like to make a donation to your organization.

San Antonio Vegetarian Society