Library Program Coordinator Uses VRG Materials to Reach Young People

Dear Jeannie,

Yesterday, I received the box of pamphlets, magazines, etc., you sent for me to use in my presentation to teens at my "veg out" program later this month. I can't thank you enough - this material will be of great help to me for my program.

I really appreciate the attention you gave to my request!
Terri S., via e-mail

Many Thanks for VJ Contributor Habeeb Salloum's Recipes

I found your website probably about three years ago. On it was a small essay written by Habeeb Salloum about how his family emigrated to Canada from Syria. He told of how the family survived the Depression well-nourished thanks to the recipes incorporating lentils, garbanzo beans, etc., from his home country, with fresh garden vegetables that they also raised at that time. I found a wonderful recipe (one of several he submitted) called Lentil and Tomato Soup (available online at www.vrg.org/recipes/vjmesoup. htm). I have doubled and made this recipe at least once a month for the past three years. I freeze it in containers and have it practically every day for lunch.

I've always wanted to send a thank you to Habeeb Salloum, so please relay my message that it is a delicious, filling, nutritious meal. I have implemented some additions using kale or spinach and it's really good, but the original recipe stands alone as excellent.
Marian F., via e-mail

Editors' Note: Habeeb Salloum wrote the "Cooking with Maple Syrup" recipe article that begins on page 18 of this issue.

Reader Wants Ideas For Making Vegan Bird Seed Blocks

I would love to have recipes for seed blocks that don't include gelatin, as the commercial varieties do. Do readers have 'recipes' to produce vegan bird seed blocks?
Anna, via e-mail

Editors' Note: If you have any suggestions for this reader, please drop us a line at vrg@vrg.org.