Vegetarian Journal's Essay Contest Entry


For as long as Sharky could remember, he ate meat. Little did he know that was all about to change.

Let’s start from the beginning. “Hi, Sealeo. Have a nice summer?” asked Sharky. “Yeah,” said Sealeo. “Want to play after school?” “Sure,” Sharky replied.

So, after school they went outside to play. Just as they started to have fun, Sharky’s mom called, “SHARKY.” “Coming,” Sharky replied in an annoyed voice. “You too, Sealeo,” came a sudden call from Sealeo’s mom. “Mom, why did you come so early?” complained Sharky. “It’s salmon season. The salmon are passing by during their migration,” replied Sharky’s mom. So Sharky went home.

When he got home his father said, “D’ you want to go salmon hunting with me?” “Okay,” said Sharky. Outside there was a swarm of salmon. The swarm was swimming so fast that you could die if you got hit. Sharky and his father were skilled and would not get hit. “There’s a big one,” said Sharky. Sharky swam up to catch it and then he bit. It started to cry. It was Sealeo. “I’m so sorry,” said Sharky. Sealeo swam home crying. “I’m never hunting again,” screamed Sharky.

After a couple of minutes, Sharky had decided to become a vegetarian. The next day, when Sharky went to school, he told Sealeo that he was sorry. But Sealeo was too sad to talk.

At lunch Sharky decided to have a kelp (seaweed) sandwich. The other kids had fish sticks and electric eel lo mein. After school Sharky sadly walked over to Sealeo’s house. Sealeo was really depressed and Sharky felt really bad. “If it makes you feel any better, I stopped eating meat,” said Sharky.

“Sealeo, will you forgive me for biting you?” Sharky apologetically asked. “Of course,” replied Sealeo forgivingly (as they munched their kelp sandwiches).

SRS is not an official participant in Vegetarian Journal’s essay contest because of a conflict of interest. If you are interested in vegan fish recipes, see Nancy Berkoff ’s Vegan Seafood book in The VRG catalog (page 34) or visit

Annual Essay Contest Rules

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