Veggie Bits

Talk About Smart Cookies!

Sam & Ruby’s Vegan Goodies is a small company that offers 32-ounce tubes of vegan cookie dough, each of which produces three to four dozen of the confections that go right from the refrigerator to the oven. Their ‘Regular’ flavors are Chocolate Chip, Yummy Vegan Ginger, and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, while ‘Deluxe’ varieties include Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Vegan Peanut Butter Banana, and the ultra-fancy Vegan Cranberry Lime Pistachio Shortbread. For more information about Sam & Ruby’s products or to order, visit

Spectrum Brings New Options in Vegan DHA for Toddlers

Want your children to have the health benefits of DHA but don’t want to give them fish oil? Spectrum has introduced a fish-free DHA supplement for toddlers one to three years old. This vegan liquid supplement has a neutral taste, so it can be mixed with food. It provides 125 milligrams of DHA per Tablespoon, an amount that is believed to meet the needs of children of this age. Spectrum also makes other non-fish DHA products; unfortunately, these are only available in gelatin (non-vegetarian) capsules. However, they are working to find an acceptable vegetarian capsule.

For more information, contact Spectrum Organic Products, LLC, 1105 Industrial Avenue, Petaluma, CA 94952. Their website is Reviewed by Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.


For more than 25 years, Dominex has brought the best eggplant products to freezer cases nationwide. Among their tasty, microwaveable vegan items are Eggplant Cutlets, which are a great foundation for entrées and side dishes, and their Eggplant Burgers. Both items are available to eat at home and for food service. To learn more, contact Dominex Eggplant at P.O. Box 5069, St. Augustine, FL 32085, or via phone at (904) 810-2132 ext. 302. Visit them online at

Virtual Museum Documents Vegetarianism’s History in U.S.

Vegetarian America: A History authors Karen and Michael Iacobbo have founded the Vegetarian Museum at This virtual gallery and archive is the only museum in the world dedicated to vegetarianism, on or off the Internet. The museum’s ‘rooms’ feature articles, letters, journal entries, book excerpts, menus, illustrations, and photographs that reveal much of the story of vegetarianism in America from the 18th century to the present. In addition, the site encourages today’s writers on the subject of vegetarianism, artists, and musicians to submit their work and become part of the site’s living history.

Getting Your Omega-3s Each Morning Just Got a Little Easier

Nutritious Living has created a new cereal called Omega-3 Harmony. This product is heavy on whole grain flakes, walnut pieces, dried cranberries, and those ground flaxseeds that serve as a great source of vegan omega-3 fatty acids. If the ingredients weren’t reason enough to try this cereal, take the recommendation of the VRG staff, who scarfed it down by the handful. Write to Nutritious Living’s parent company, Organic Milling Corporation, at 505 W. Allen Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773, or call them at (800) 638-8686. Visit them online at

Pen Pal Program Encourages Vegetarians Behind Bars

It’s often difficult for vegetarians who are incarcerated to get the vegetarian meals they request. That’s where a non-profit organization called the Prison Vegetarian Project comes in. Besides advocating for veggie meals, this group requests that individuals serve as pen pals. Most pen pals use a P.O. Box and a ‘pen name’ to correspond with select individuals who wish to discuss their vegetarian ideas, difficulties, and philosophies.

For more information about becoming a pen pal, contact the Prison Vegetarian Project at Cooper Station #57, New York, NY 10276, or call (212) 777-0163. Their website is