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Cakewalk Baking Company

Pet illnesses and accidents can happen unexpectedly. When these occasions arise, they bring not only overwhelming feelings of stress, but also a certain financial strain. Many people might decide to work more hours to cover these costs, but every now and then, some individuals will try something different.

When Kelly Green's dog Nelix needed physical therapy and a wheelchair, she was faced with the challenge of raising money. Since she was already a committed vegan and animal welfare activist, she decided to go for something that she had experience in—baking vegan treats. Raising money for Nelix's medical costs was just a beginning, though; the demand for vegan desserts in Salt Lake City, Utah, was pretty high. This is how Cakewalk Baking Company got its start.

Cakewalk has a variety of delicious vegan treats, ranging from typical desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, pies, and cookies to harder-to-find items like baklava, cream puffs, éclairs, and a line of cream-filled snack cakes called 'dillos' that resemble vegan Twinkies. In addition, many of the treats listed above can be prepared gluten-free!

The bakery follows strict standards to make sure everything they produce is as vegan and environmentally friendly as possible. "All of our desserts are 100 percent vegan—including all vegan sugars—and cholesterol-free, and we use organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible," Kelly explains. "We are run by an entirely vegan staff and are dedicated to green practices. We recycle, compost, and use vegan and non-toxic cleaning products in our bakery."

But why choose to open a vegan bakery? Kelly says, "A humane lifestyle is the only way I am comfortable with living. Being aware of the suffering that animal products cause ... Well, that’s enough for me to dedicate myself to encourage change in every way that I can for the rest of my life."

Kelly doesn’t only help vegans getting their sugar fix, though. "Cakewalk does a lot of fundraising and often donates to animal rights and animal welfare groups, sanctuaries, etc., ... We also have treats in a lot of local coffee shops, which I like to think of as a sort of vegan outreach effort." So, not only can patrons enjoy a delicious concoction, but they can contribute to a good cause, too!

Vegans and vegetarians should keep in mind that people from all different backgrounds enjoy sweets, and one of the easiest ways to persuade someone that they will not miss out on foods they enjoy while following a vegan diet is through desserts. With Cakewalk as a resource, convincing others to adopt a more humane lifestyle is, well, a piece of cake.

What more could you ask from a vegan bakery? How about, "Where can I buy these amazing desserts?"

The 'dillos' variety is available through the mail. To order, visit

If you are in Utah, make sure you visit their storefront, located at 566 West 1350 South, Suite 900, Woods Cross, UT 84010. Their phone number is (801) 693-8520.