VRG Volunteer of the Year

We at The Vegetarian Resource Group greatly appreciate the hundreds of volunteers and donors who enable the organization to carry out a multitude of outreach activities around the country. However, over the years, there are a few especially noteworthy people who have had an incomparable impact on VRG's growth and survival.

Brad Scott made it possible for VRG to have an initial presence on the Internet during the 1990s. When someone looked up the word 'vegetarian' on Google, The VRG was the #1 search result for many years. VRG is now reaching 150,000 people online each month with vegetarian and vegan information. We also benefited hugely from Brad's undertaking to move VRG into a new office and to set up and maintain its infrastructure. None of this would have happened without his generous assistance.

Another truly exceptional volunteer is Reed Mangels, PhD, RD. For more than 20 years, she has had an unrivaled impact on professional information about vegetarianism and veganism. Her caring about people, The Vegetarian Resource Group, and scientific honesty are unsurpassed.

We've been to several memorial services for activists, and usually noted in a humorous way was their strong personalities (i.e. focus on their own points of view and lack of empathy towards others). There's no doubt about how much these people have contributed to their respective causes, and their personalities made that happen. This is another reason we have to acknowledge Reed, who has accomplished so much in a pleasant and professional manner.

The VRG is forever indebted to these past Volunteers of the Year.

This year's Volunteer of the Year is also completely sincere, hardworking, and kind to others. If we were to add another headquarters staff member, we would want to hire her. Thank you so much to Heather Gorn! Heather is a relatively recent college graduate who first volunteered for VRG at age 15. She understands and appreciates the group's philosophy but also brings in a younger perspective. Lately, she has been collaborating with numerous parties to revamp The VRG's website and update the site regularly. We also want to thank Heather for working on VRG's infrastructure and fundraising efforts so that the organization can continue to foster a more ethical, vegetarian world for generations to come. You are contributing more than you will ever know.

As Margaret Mead said, "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." If you would like to make a difference, volunteer, and contribute your skills to The VRG, please call us at (410) 366-8343 or e-mail us at vrg@vrg.org.