Vegetarian Journal's 2010 Essay Contest Winner First Installment

By Hannah Rappaport, 10 yrs
Orange, CT

This is but a poem
     As the naked eye would see,
But for those who can look closer,
     It's a message broken free.

It tells the tale of people
     Who decide not to eat meat.
Those called vegetarians
     Are quickly earning quite a feat.

They've outwilled the others
     Who say it's unhealthy
To be eating fruits and vegetables
     Instead of pork and beef.

Instead of raising cows on fields,
     Vegetarians just need grain (a ton)!
This gives quite a lot more food
     To people who have none.

When using animals for food,
     You're eliminating quite a few.
The fields they raise them on
     could be fields of plants,
And with all this killing,
     the next killed could be you.

Vegetarians love the wide, wide Earth
     And all that inhabits it,
Bringing world peace to a start,
     World hunger to an end,
An idea light bulb is surely lit.

This is but a poem
     To the people who don't know,
But if you look much closer,
     It's a world of love sure to grow.

Author's note: I haven't eaten meat since I was a toddler or fish since I was eight. I'm very proud of being a vegetarian. People are amazed that I don't eat meat, but I wouldn't eat my favorite food either if animals were hurt in the making of it.

Author's mother's note: We are very proud of Hannah. She is such a dedicated young vegetarian who, with her gentle encouragement, has made us a vegetarian family!


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