Denny's Offers Amy's Kitchen Vegan Burger on a Vegan Bun

In late August 2010, all Denny'S restaurants in the United States added Amy's Kitchen Veggie Burgers to their menus. This vegan patty replaces the vegetarian burger that Denny's had been offering. The burger is available during any time of the day at every Denny's location in the U.S.

The listed menu item is served with pepper jack cheese, but restaurant patrons may request the veggie burger without cheese. Those with food allergies should note that the vegan patty contains textured soy protein concentrate and walnuts.

If ordered as listed, the veggie burger is served on a wheat bun that contains honey. Customers may request the white sesame seed burger bun instead; it is entirely plant-based. Neither bun contains L-cysteine, a common bakery ingredient usually derived from human or hog hair or from duck feathers.

Denny's prepares its Amy's burger in a microwave without the plastic packaging. Then, it is grilled on a surface where meat products were prepared. Denny's told The VRG that patrons may request that their patty be microwaved only and/or grilled in a sanitized pan previously used to prepare omelets. Denny's assured The VRG that employees will do everything possible to ensure that customers are happy with their order.

Visitors to Canada and Canadian vegans may be pleased to learn that Denny's restaurants in Canada serve Yves Vegan Burgers. For more information on ingredients, see