Letters to the Editors

Thanks for the Product Review!

In response to the "Veggie Bits" in Issue 4, 2011, of VJ:

Thank you so much for sending the issue of Vegetarian Journal with a review of Nacheez in it! What a great paragraph about Nacheez! I'm also loving the other articles — will be making some vegan soul food tonight!

Keep up the great work!


Ilsa Hess
Owner of Love & Joy Foods,
Makers of Nacheez

VJ Readers Weigh in About Print Versus Online-Only Editions

In response to the "Note from the Coordinators" in Issue 1, 2012, of Vegetarian Journal:

There was a question in my Journal about whether I would still continue to donate if the Journal was only available online. Well, I of course would continue to donate, but I would miss the print edition so much. It is wonderful, and I always read it cover to cover and refer back to it frequently. I just can't do that with online material.

Elaine S., via Facebook

Thank you to the incredibly dedicated staff at VRG, for many years of wonderful issues of Vegetarian Journal. I have read every issue from cover to cover for maybe 20 years! The magazine really helps support me in eating a healthful, fun vegan diet, which I am always sharing with others, as those who know me will attest!

I wish I could say I would read your magazine online, but I'm afraid that out-of-sight would be out-of-mind for me.

So, I'll have to check the box labeled:

*I would pay membership dues only if I continued to receive a print version of Vegetarian Journal.*

I suspect there are a lot of other people in the same rut as me who might intend to switch to reading Vegetarian Journal online but would eventually forget ...

Thank you again, for an incredibly scientifically- and detail-oriented magazine and organization, which truly support veganism ...

I can't wait to try your new recipe for Gormeh Sabzi!

Best regards,

Nancy V., via e-mail

What do you think about an online-only version of Vegetarian Journal? E-mail us at vrg@vrg.org.