Sticky Fingers' Sweets

By Doron Petersan

I've always enjoyed baked goods from Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats, located in Washington, D.C. Now, everyone can prepare these wonderful treats at home. Doron Petersan has long been active in animal rights and has a degree in dietetics. She, along with head baker Jenny Webb, recently teamed up on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars and took home the prize in the second season's finale.

The cookbook starts off with baking tips. Then, there are recipes for cakes (and cupcakes), such as Chocolate Mocha Cake, Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Boston Crème Cake, Coconut Strawberry Lemon-ade Cake, and Champagne Cake.

Sticky Fingers' famous Sticky Buns are included in this book, as well as their Little Devils (chocolate cake sandwiches filled with vanilla cream). Both are absolutely delicious! You'll also find a variety of recipes for biscotti and brownies.

The cookie chapter features Lemon Coconut, Almond Linzer, Phat Mint, and Gingerbread cookies. In the muffins, breads, and scones section, try Pumpkin or Peach Almond Muffins and Orange Cranberry Scones.

Other terrific recipes include Chocolate Whoopie Pies, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Key Lime Pie.

Sticky Fingers' Sweets (ISBN 978-1-58333-463-8) is a 288-page hardcover book with color photos. It is published by Avery and retails for $27.50. Look for this book in your favorite bookstore or online.

Reviewed by Debra Wasserman.

Let Them Eat Vegan!

By Dreena Burton

Dreena Burton has been creating vegan recipes for 20 years, and Let Them Eat Vegan! introduces readers to her family-friendly cuisine. She begins with “Breakfast Bites and Smoothies,” with recipes such as Pumpkin Oat Muffins and Apple Spice Hemp Pancakes. Then, “Salads That Make a Meal” features savory options like Kale-Slaw with Curried Almond Dressing and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Olives.

You'll love this book's soup recipes, which include Peanut Thai Vegetable Stew, Anise and Coriander-Infused Orange Lentil Soup, and White Chili with Roasted Poblano Peppers.

“Side Stars” include Lemon Dijon Green Beans, Gingered Broccolini, and Creamy Polenta. The “Your Main Squeeze” section features entrées like Winter Veg Chickpea Potpie; BBQ Sunflower Tofu; and Potato, Shallot, and Pepper Frittatas. You can also prepare a variety of burgers, such as Mushroom Pecan Burgers or Panfried Falafel Patties.

Burton's pasta recipes are fabulous! Try the Spinach Herb Pista-chio Pesto, Mac-oh-geez!, or White Bean-Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce. Of course, you'll want to follow these wonderful dishes with a fantastic dessert. The Chocolate Cherry Pecan Cookies, Berry Patch Brownies, Fresh Orange Cake, To-Live-For Pecan Pie, Raspberry Almond Torte, Tapioca Pudding, and an entire chapter worth of frozen desserts are sure to make your mouth water.

Let Them Eat Vegan! (ISBN 978-0738215617) is a 288-page book with color photos. It is published by De Capo Press and retails for $20. Look for this book in your favorite bookstore or online.

Reviewed by Debra Wasserman.

Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide

By Sayward Rebhal

Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide is a small book, but it covers a lot of ground. From eating well before, during, and after pregnancy to dealing with inevitable questions (“How do you get enough protein/calcium/iron?”), Sayward Rebhal provides sound advice. Her light-hearted, upbeat tone makes this an easy read. Although Rebhal is not a dietitian, she did get input from vegan dietitian Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD. Despite some minor quibbles about small details in the nutrition section, the information is solid overall and is backed up with citations from research articles and other books. Rebhal's advice is practical, and it's obvious that she's been through a vegan pregnancy, especially when she provides ideas for dealing with heartburn, morning sickness, and other common pregnancy ailments. This book would make a useful gift for someone planning a vegan pregnancy.

Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide (ISBN 978-0-9801440-3-1) is published by Herbivore. It has 116 pages and retails for $12.99. Look for this book in your local bookstore or online at

Reviewed by Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.

Vegan Junk Food

By Lane Gold

If you read this book's title, you already know that it isn't a source for lowfat recipes. Vegan Junk Food is meant for you to create occasional treats, but these recipes are worth the wait!

Early in the day, you can try Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole, Sticky Caramel Baked French Toast, or Pumpkin Pie Pancakes with Cinnamon Syrup. For lunch, be sure to consider the Pad Thai Wrap, Crispy Chicken Ranch Burger, or Southwest Sliders with Spicy Queso Sauce.

If you're craving some comfort food, you might want to prepare South-of-the-Border Potato Tacos, Tempeh Fajitas, or the Won Ton Samosas. Pizza choices include Tandoori Tempeh Pizza on Onion-Garlic Naan, Thai Pizza, and a Deep-Dish Hawaiian Pizza.

The next time you throw a party, offer your guests Chipotle Bean Dip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip (served with graham crackers), Mexicali Fondue, or Easy Candied Almonds.

Naturally, this book includes numerous dessert recipes, such as Root Beer Float Cupcakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pie with Pretzel Crust, English Toffee, Coconut Crust Banana Custard Pie, Lime Cheesecake Truffles, Hazelnut Chocolate Baklava, White Chocolate Lemon Brownies, and so much more.

Vegan Junk Food (ISBN 978-1-4405-2897-2) is 226 pages and is published by Adams Media. The book retails for $16.95. Purchase it online or at your local bookstore.

Reviewed by Debra Wasserman.

Dating Vegans

By Anne Dinshah

When searching for a mate, vegans might become discouraged by the fact that they are a minority in this country. Anne Dinshah is a lifelong vegan who decided to research and write about the topic of dating. The resulting book offers insight into situations such as when a vegan dates a non-vegan. The author shares romantic suggestions and humorous moments, and she includes vegan recipes the dating couples prepared as they got to know one another. After all, food is often a central issue when a vegan looks for a potential partner.

This book will help readers decide which values are important when considering whether to date another person, vegan or not. For example, could you live with a non-vegetarian who cooks meat in your home? Would you care if your non-vegetarian significant other ate meat outside your home, even though he or she did not eat meat inside your home? If you are vegan and the other person is vegetarian, would you insist that your children be raised vegan?

Dating Vegans is useful for people who aren't vegan as well. The social situations described can be applied to other settings, such as two people with different religious backgrounds or different political beliefs dating.

Dating Vegans (ISBN 978-0-942401-20-2) is 176 pages and is published by the American Vegan Society. The book retails for $12.95, and you can purchase it at

Reviewed by Debra Wasserman.

Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure!

By Barbara Storper, MS, RD

We reviewed Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure! several years ago and are delighted to see it's now available in a lower-cost paperback format. This edition is still filled with colorful illustrations and relates an engaging story of Janey Junkfood and her quest to make the National Junior Juggling Team. Along the way, all sorts of great concepts such as eating breakfast, cutting down on sugar, and reading food labels are introduced, but not in a dry, scientific fashion. Janey's story is fun and inspiring. In fact, maybe you or your children will start juggling an apple, a banana, a peach, a pear, and a plum while taking bites from each!

The book includes 14 recipe cards for treats like Veggie Grab Bags, a Broccoli Forest, and Sushi Rolls. Recipes spotlight fruits and vegetables. Some recipes include cheese and yogurt, but vegan products easily substitute for these ingredients.

Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure! is a great way to teach children about healthful eating! I highly recommend this book for kids of all ages, but especially for 8- to 12-year-olds.

Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure! (ISBN 978-0-9642858-6-6) is published by FoodPlay Productions. It has 32 pages and retails for $9.95. Look for it in your local bookstore or online at

Reviewed by Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.