Vegetarian Journal 2013 Issue 2


Cooking with Fresh Herbs
Chef Nancy Berkoff shows us how herbs add flavor to vegan cuisine.

Vegan Backpacking
Hillary Blunt and Aileen McGraw offer vegan recipes and more.

Starting a Vegan Food Manufacturing Company: Using a Co-Packer
Many vegans have the dream of starting their own food manufacturing company. Ed Coffin, RD, shares his experience using a co-packer.

Living Among Coconuts
Zel Allen shares delicious Filipino dishes.

A Vegan in China, Part 2
VJ Yasmin Radbod describes the vegan food she dined on in China.

Which Ingredients are Acceptable to Vegans?


Nutrition Hotline
Dietary advice for hot flashes during menopause.

Note from the Coordinators

Letters to the Editors

Notes from The VRG Scientific Department

Scientific Update

Veggie Bits

Book Reviews

Vegan Cooking Tips
Quick Breakfast in a Mug or Travel Cup, by Chef Nancy Berkoff


Vegetarian Action
Jim Dunn's Work with Neglected Youth, by Whitney Blomquist

Back Cover
Which Sugars Aren't Processed with Bone Char?