When the quarterly Vegetarian Journal comes, I make the time to read it from cover to cover. Sometimes I read it all at once, sometimes I spread it out over several days, and sometimes, depending on my schedule, I make it last over several weeks. The magazine is a true highlight of my life. Thanks so much for all the research you do, the thoughtful articles, and for great recipes. The entire staff helps make my veganism a real joy.

Diane S., Slatington, PA


I have never replied to your Online VRG-News newsletter, but I want to thank you for sending them. I love being in the loop of vegetarian news and every month I find something interesting and helpful. Because of this month's letter I will use my powers as chief editor of my school newspaper, my student government position, and Expect Respect membership at my school to begin promoting vegetarianism. I've already convinced 2-5 students, simply because they have seen my health and vibrancy, to go vegetarian. I do not pressure or force my opinions on anyone but simply stand as an example and inform people of the benefits, if they ask and want to know. Your VRG-News has been inspiring and helped me to be more confident, more informed, and come out of my shell.

Paige L., via e-mail

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I think everybody wants to see common names. As a vegan, if I can't pronounce something on a label, I usually don't buy it... Nowadays, I read labels thoroughly, and I'd much rather see something like "cornstarch," "dried banana," or "grapeseed oil" than "egg replacer." With all the gene modification going on now, even "egg replacer" might not be as innocent as it sounds. So I agree with the egg industry: use common names on labels. (I still wouldn't buy the product if "egg" were listed, but I've been a vegan for sixteen years, so I have good reason.)

Diane S., via e-mail