Letters to the editors


Thank you sincerely for your motivated effort against the overlooked tragedy against animals. As responsible activists, we know the innocence, kindness, and intelligence of these creatures, and yet the kindness is often un-reciprocated and humans pretend to be of a different origin. After college, I will contribute more financially and in activism. I am greatly inspired and comforted to see another proud organization protecting animals.

Liam G.
York, ME


Last month I took my father and a friend of his to visit two retirement facilities in North Carolina. We were unanimous in choosing Fletcher Park Inn in Hendersonville, NC as our favorite. The rooms/suites are very spacious and well-appointed with nice kitchens, one or two bedrooms and bathrooms, and the food....Many to most of the choices were vegan, although cheese/dressings could be added if desired. So they cater to vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters as well, but I'm not sure what they had for the carnivores since I went the vegan route. We all loved the place.

We also found the prices there to be reasonable and there were loads of cheerful young people around helping with everything.

Catherine A., via e-mail

Note: Find a list of Senior Facilities in the USA offering veggie food on our website at: www.vrg.org/seniors/senior_vegan.htm.


I want to thank the entire team of VRG on having such a wonderful platform where vegetarians can get a lot of information, clear their doubts, and also get inspired. I am very happy that my video won a prize. I am passionate about being a vegetarian and made the video with all my heart. I also am happy that now more people will watch my video and hopefully get inspired to turn vegetarian. It feels good when creativity and hard work gets recognized.

Prerana, via e-mail

Note: Winning videos will be listed in a future Journal issue!