The Vegetarian Resource Group's 2014 Video Contest Winners

by Taylor Koch

"I went vegetarian three years ago when meat began to hurt my stomach after eating it. After only the first week, I felt so much better. Since becoming vegetarian, I've discovered all the environmental and economic benefits of vegetarianism, which in addition to health reasons, have led me to continue the diet."

by Jerry Fu

"I have always had a lot of respect and admiration toward vegetarians. But it was not until recently that I considered vegetarianism as part of my diet. I have always been interested in vegetarianism due to its water conservation and humane treatment of animals. But the cherry on top — the overwhelming health benefits — is what really led me to my final decision."

by Prerana Pai

"I am an 11-year-old girl. I am a vegetarian, and I am proud to be so. I am also very passionate about it as I am against animal cruelty...I love all living things and cannot bear hurting even a little ant. Then how can I eat a chicken, or a lamb? Even the thought of the agony and fear they must be going through when they are butchered to be eaten makes me very very sad. Though I admit that sometimes I get tempted when all my friends eat meat during parties, I stand by what I believe in and am proud to say that I never give in to temptation."

by Josie Rapacz

"I think it's safe to say that I'm more than just interested in vegetarianism/veganism. I think being vegan is the purest and the most honest thing you can experience in this world. It's something I hope for everyone, and I wish people weren't so stubborn, so they could be open to the idea of veganism. I don't have that narcissistic way of thinking that the rest of the human race has; I know that human beings are the most intelligent species because of that amazing gap from animals to humans called 'language,' but I know that animals weren't 'created' — if you believe in God — or meant for individuals to use selfishly. I think that animals should be living comfortably right next to humans, if not as their equals, as their friends. Animals should be respected as souls not much different than ours. Veganism makes me feel more connected to the Earth, and takes the guilt off of my chest because I can honestly say that I am cruelty free."

To see the winning videos go to: http://carrot/vrg/veg_videos.php#koch