Dextrose: Update to The Vegetarian Resource Group Food Ingredient Guide

By Jeanne Yacoubou, MS

Alternate names: glucose, D-glucose, corn sugar, grape sugar, rice sugar

Commercial source: cornstarch

Used in: baked goods, powdered mixes, soups, snack foods, cereal, confections, condiments, beverages, ice cream, frozen desserts, infant formula, canned fruit, caramel color, pan coatings, jams and jellies

Used as: sweetener, texturizer, bulking agent, moisture conditioner, stabilizing agent, crystallization inhibitor, fermentation substrate

Definition: A simple sugar, dextrose is approximately 70-80% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar).

Manufacturers: ADM, Tate and Lyle, Cargill, Roquette

ADM told us that they use no animal ingredients or processing aids in dextrose manufacture.

Tate and Lyle reported that their dextrose is not made with animal ingredients or processing aids.

Despite many attempts by email and phone to several people, Cargill told The VRG that they only respond to customer questions.

Roquette did not return our calls or emails for more information on dextrose.

Classification: Vegan

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