Fresh from the Orchard

Each Red Jacket Orchard cold-pressed juice packs major flavor and tastes exactly like the fruit it came from. Though some varieties are blends based on pure apple juice, the addition of grapes, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, or black currants makes the juice taste like you are biting into those fruits themselves (without the seeds!). Every flavor I tried was sweet, refreshing, and just the right amount of tart. These juices do not contain added sugar or water; this is straight-up juice, so sometimes, it can taste a bit thicker than popular shelf-stable grocery store brands you may have tried before. Some of them evoke the joyful taste, color, and texture of a melted popsicle in summer (especially strawberry!), except without any nasty additives. In addition to the blends, Red Jacket Orchard offers cold-pressed unfiltered ciders (spiced or not), New York-style lemonade, and Stomps, which are puréed fruit nectars that preserve the fruit fiber: the Apricot flavor is rich in lycopene and beta-carotene, while the Tart Cherry Stomp, my favorite flavor, and a gorgeous deep, dark color, is absolutely loaded with antioxidants. Shop for 12-oz 6-packs or 32-oz 4-packs on or look for them in a natural foods store near you.

Written by Samantha Gendler


Somewhere between a pie, cake, and cookie, is the Whoopie pie. However you classify it, it's tough to go wrong when sandwiching a creamy filling in a sweet, moist, cakey bun. The Piping Gourmets has now created a version of the classic treat that's vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO without sacrificing texture or taste. The pies come in six flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Lemon, Chocolate Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Vanilla, and the Vegetarian Journal staff favorite, Chocolate Chocolate. Each box contains four individually-wrapped Whoopie Pies and preparing them is easy; they come frozen, so all you have to do is thaw and wait (admittedly, the waiting wasn't so easy). Look for Piping Gourmets Whoopie Pies at a natural foods store near you or use the store locator at

Written by Samantha Gendler

Pesto Pizza

When you hear the word 'Tofurky,' pizza probably isn't the first thing to pop into your mind. Well, the company that made your Thanksgiving more enjoyable also knows its way around a pizza. If you're searching for a gluten-free vegan option that doesn't feel like a sacrifice, the Tofurky Pesto Supreme is bursting with flavor and even pleased our non-vegetarian friends. The sweet, flatbread-like, rice and potato flour crust holds up well considering how absolutely loaded it is with toppings: wheat-free vegan sausage, roasted onions and red peppers, garlic, Daiya cheese, and a creamy pesto sauce standing in for the usual tomato. Look for the Gluten Free Pesto Supreme in the frozen section, and if you don't need to avoid gluten, Tofurky's Pepperoni Pizza is a Vegetarian Journal staffer favorite. Its authentic pepperoni taste leaves us wondering, "How do they do it?" every time. Visit for more information and to find a store that carries Tofurky pizzas near you.

Written by Samantha Gendler

Bobo's Oat Bars

Perfect for growing kids and teens or even adults who can't seem to stay full, Bobo's Oat Bars are portable, tasty, and quite filling for their size. With 16 flavors, including Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, Apricot, Cranberry Orange, and Banana, there's enough variety to keep this lunchbox snack interesting week after week. Six of the flavors are gluten free, including Chocolate Almond, Lemon Poppyseed, and Maple Pecan. To my surprise, I detected no difference in the consistency and deliciousness of the gluten-free flavors over the regular varieties — one of them was even my favorite: Peanut Butter and Jelly. A great grab-and-go option for anyone looking to take along a wholesome, nutritious snack that will last, Bobo's Oat Bars are non-GMO, Kosher, and preservative-free. The bars come in two sizes, 1.3 ounces (Bobo's Bites) or 3 ounces (Bobo's Bars). You can order them in bulk by the case at or find them individually at natural foods stores and fitness centers near you or in Whole Foods nationwide.

Written by Samantha Gendler

Pascha-tively for Everyone!

Vegan? Keep Kosher? Allergic to nuts? Gluten-free? All of them, and spend your whole day searching for food? Look no further. The moment you tear the silver wrapping off a bar of Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate, a unique, bittersweet aroma of dark chocolate fills the room. With eight different dark chocolate bars and three varieties of dark chocolate chips, you'll find no reason to revert to another bar. From the 85% cacao bar to the semi-sweet dark chocolate chips, all Pascha chocolate is organic, non-GMO verified, fair trade certified, vegan, Kosher, and free from all eight major food allergens. Essentially, it's chocolate that you can devour guilt-free. Learn more about or purchase Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate at It's available from online retailers,, and, as well as grocery stores nationwide.

Written by Anna Balfanz, VRG intern

Pocket Meals

Gardein has come out with three new pocket-style meals: BBQ Pulled Porkless, Italian Meatless Sausage, and Crispy Chick'n with Veggies. The first two varieties are soft wheat dinner rolls that are stuffed with either pulled porkless shreds in a tangy sauce or Italian meatless sausage, spinach, and roasted red peppers. While both stuffed buns were delicious, the BBQ flavor was one of the most impressive vegan frozen foods I've ever tasted. The flavor and consistency were a "wow!" The third product, the Crispy Chick'n with Veggies, is likely different from anything (vegan or not) you've tried: the chick'n itself IS the pocket, and it is stuffed with kale, barley, and sundried tomatoes. It's essentially a giant chick'n nugget stuffed with grains and veggies in a spicy sauce, and it is not only delicious, but filling as well: it packs a punch with 22 grams of protein. (The other pocket meals have 10 grams each.) All three of these products would make excellent satisfying after-school snacks for a teen or child who can use the toaster oven or microwave. Look for them in the frozen foods section of grocery stores and at Target nationwide. Visit for more information.

Written by Samantha Gendler

Snack with Snakaroons

Whether you're packing for a hike, craving an after-dinner snack, or hoping to find a natural, filling treat for your kids, try Laughing Giraffe Organics Snakaroons. With six different flavors — chocolate, vanilla, lemon, banana, pineapple, and goji maca — these Snakaroons can satisfy any sweet-tooth. We loved the sweet and refreshing flavor combination of goji berries and maca root as well as the the familiar chocolate taste. All Snakaroons are gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan, and Kosher. Each bag of Snakaroons zips shut, giving them a 7-10 month shelf life and making them easy to eat on vacations or outdoor trips. Purchase either a pack with 8 servings or a bulk of mini-packs, which are perfect for packing in lunches or tossing in your bag for an on-the-go treat. Learn more about, locate, or purchase Snakaroons at, or visit them on Facebook at Snakaroons are also available in Whole Foods and other grocery stores nationwide, as well as from online retailers such as and

Written by Anna Balfanz, VRG intern

A Wrap for Everyone

Pure Wraps has created an ingenious product that is vegan-friendly and mostly allergen-free. The only ingredients are coconuts, Himalayan salt, and curry powder. The finished product is a preservative-free wrap that is low in calories and carbohydrates. Swap these flavorful wraps for anything you would use a regular flour tortilla for. Made with non-GMO ingredients, these wraps are sure to please. My favorite was the coconut curry flavor. I wrapped black beans and jasmine rice into a flavorful, satisfying burrito. The strong seasoning wasn't overpowering, but rather added to the whole meal. The chewy texture of the wrap resembles a crunchy tortilla, but without the gluten. Visit website to learn more about them or order them for yourself! They are currently only available in select stores and on Amazon.

Written by Anne Porterfield Custer