Thank you for your online information. Two of my boys are attempting to eat as vegans, and as their cook and shopper, I am grateful that there is some helpful information out there.

Ann A., via e-mail

Hi. We became vegan seven months ago. I've really appreciated your online resources and recently picked up your journal in a bookstore. I'd like to receive the Vegetarian Journal, please. Thank you for your work to end animal and planet suffering due to human greed and ignorance!

Sally R., via e-mail

I have subscribed to the Vegetarian Journal for a number of years and I always look forward to each issue. I love the work the Vegetarian Resource Group has done in researching vegan options at chain restaurants, researching whether questionable ingredients in common foods are vegan, and providing a variety of recipes and ideas that are simple, healthy, economical, and available to low income people. Thank you VRG for showing us that being vegan is possible no matter where you live or what your income is!

Thank you also for the special attention you have given to vegan institutional cooking, support for veganizing menus at nursing homes and hospitals, and the all around knowledge you have provided on general vegan nutrition!

You guys provide such a wealth of information in so many areas that I always refer new vegans or interested meat eaters to your website for information.

Elaine Wiggins, via Facebook


You guys are the best! Thanks for doing such a thorough, wonderful job on things like this [ingredient updates]. I use almost no processed foods, but I appreciate the work that goes into this, and I like being aware and don't have time to do this kind of thing myself.

Leslie C., via e-mail

Editors' Note: The Vegetarian Resource Group also produces a blog that includes articles on topics including food ingredient information, new veggie restaurants, and vegan lifestyle tips. Blog postings can be found at www.vrg.org.