Help Create a Veggie World


Myrial Holbrook, a high school intern from Ohio, called The VRG office a "small, but mighty powerhouse," and we would say the same about her! In just three weeks, she staffed an outreach booth at Baltimore VegFest, discussed vegan nutrition with University of Maryland dietetic interns, wrote blog posts and articles on vegan restaurants, reviewed new vegan products, and researched food labeling. "I learned how nebulous the definitions of vegan and vegetarian can be," she said. "Before my internship, I trusted labels and company statements. Now I realize how important it is to do your own research.

Holbrook also stretched her HTML coding and graphic design skills during her internship, "This work helped me understand what a non-profit organization must prioritize on paper and online in terms of vision and message."

She does have one complaint about her internship — it was too short! "The other interns were accepting and diverse... These connections have widened my perspective and renewed my passion for spreading the vegetarian lifestyle," she said. As a freshman at Princeton, "I will continue my work for the movement. For me, this internship is only the beginning of my commitment to The VRG and its mission."


Summer intern Ivy Grob, the recipient of the 2015 Eleanor Wolff Scholarship, came to The Vegetarian Resource Group from the University of Florida. An environmental science major, Grob dug into projects with a scientific eye and wrote about veganism as it relates to composting and college dining options. At The VRG, Grob saw herself growing into an activist she never knew existed within her, "Before this internship, I thought being vegan just meant you change your diet and the fabric of your clothes, but now I see it as so much more," Grob said. "Every time you choose a vegan meal, you are choosing to be an activist, you are choosing a healthy environment, and you are choosing to save the life of an animal." Grob ended the summer with a renewed passion for veganism. "This internship has compelled me to share my vegan beliefs with others and has made me realize how important it is to share, as so many people still don't know what vegan means.... I will continue to promote veganism for the rest of my life."