Vegetarian Journal 2016 Issue 3


May Kaidee, The Vegan Thai Goddess and My Visit to Plum Village Monastery
By Yasmin Radbod
Dessert Smoothies
By Ivy Grob, VRG intern
Pakistani Vegan Cuisine
By Navaal Mahdi, VRG intern
Being a Vegan Culinary Arts Student
By Angie Riccio, Vegan Chef
Potato Chips' Water Footprint
By VRG's Research Director, Jeanne Yacoubou, MS
Veganic Gardening
By Nathaniel Corn
Vegan Donuts
A Guide to Making Your Own by Angie Riccio


Nutrition Hotline
Should vegans take a multivitamin?
Note from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Scientific Update
Notes from The VRG Scientific Department
Vegan Thai Dinner in Boston
Veggie Bits
Book Reviews
Creating a Veggie World
Vegan Cooking Tips
Quick and Easy Fresh Pepper Dishes
Vegetarian Action
Vegan Ice Cream and a Mission
Vegan Meals for Charity