Letters to the Editors

Statistics professor looking for data to use with students

I am a professor of statistics and looking for any data that might have been collected from a survey or other means about diet and health or any other topic. I want to develop a small set of problems/cases for the students using this database to teach statistics. Data will be used strictly for academic purposes. Thanks. Parag Dhuman, PhD, CPIM, CSCP, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, via e-mail

Editor's Note: We sent a link to VRG's poll data. See:


Do you provide outreach materials?

I am a senior nursing student from the University of Wyoming. I am completing my capstone with Albany County Public Health, and my preceptor and I were wondering if VRG happens to provide anything (samples, informational handouts, etc.) to organizations to give away. We work with new, low-income mothers to help provide information and support on starting a healthy family. Samantha B., via e-mail

Editor's Note: The Vegetarian Resource Group provided this student with copies of Vegetarian Journal as well as several of our brochures.

We would like to hand out vegetarian journal at our vegan meetup group

We recently started a vegan meetup group in our community. See:

Would it be possible to send us a few copies of Vegetarian Journal to let people know about your magazine? We could display and offer them at our monthly potlucks. Our potlucks are open to all and we like to give the magazine to veg-curious attendees to learn more. I have been a subscriber for several years and have enjoyed reading it very much! Lili H., via e-mail