Art, Music, Photography & Poetry

  • Art For The Animals (AFTA) (dedicated to increasing awareness of the treatment of animals through artistic expression and education; please scroll all the way to the right to view webpage)
  • Backstage Gourmet (vegetarian/vegan cuisine meets global music)
  • Bizarro (comic by vegan Dan Piraro; this takes you directly to his "Animal Stuff" page)
  • Bob Pyle (vegetarian musician)
  • Crayon Rocks (coloring tool for young children)
  • The Lunchbox Bunch (silly characters -Paparazzi Peas, Broccoli Bunch & more- that allow children to have fun while learning about healthy fruits & veggies; creator is a lifelong vegetarian)
  • Pause for Animals (animal paintings by Mary Anne Nagy)
  • Public Eye: Artists for Animals (Philadelphia-area group that spreads message of compassion for animals through the arts)
  • TofuHaiku (odes to tofu)
  • Vegan Etsy Marketplace (vegans who maintain completely vegan shops focused on handmade items)
  • Veganica (online gallery space for artists who are vegetarian or vegan)
  • Wild Leek Photography (specializes in portraits of sanctuary, rescued, wild & companion animals)

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